About Pixel Stitch

Started in 2015, the Pixel Stitch team was created in an effort to bring together Cross-Stitch and embroidery streamers.
We showcase those talented people who choose to share their craft with their stream community and inspire others to start stitching.

When the team was first started, there were but a handful of people who had dared to stream CrossStitch to Twitch, and it was easy to list them all. In fact, for the second TwitchCon back in 2016, we banded together to create a wall hanging/quilt with squares featuring each of our streams. This quilt was then given to the Twitch Creative staff to hang at Twitch HQ

Over the years some have stopped streaming or started, others have focused on other crafts or gaming. New streamers have come and gone. Some have moved to other platforms. There are well over 100 streamers who have broadcast cross stitch now. While it started on twitch, other cross stitch livestreamers from YouTube, Facebook, etc are more than welcome!

Check out our Discord to join in the conversation with other stitchers, viewers, and streamers alike!