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It’s impossible to keep a full updated list of everyone who streams without your help. Please let me know if you have new social media links or names have changed.

The streamers featured on the site are there because (at the time I added them) they streamed cross stitch pretty regularly and were most likely to be the ones live when you’re looking for a channel to watch. I try to update the list every few months as people start streaming more, and other go on hiatus or have switched to other crafts or games.

If you’re a mostly cross stitch streamer not featured on the site yet, please do not take offense. I am one person with a full time job, a life, and a small business of my own to manage. Plus I work third shift and tend to catch night streams more. 🙁 Feel free to message me if you cross stitch on stream at least one or two times a week and we’ll talk about it.