A Close Companion

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A Close Companion
A Close Companion.png
Due Date Anytime
Experience 50


Following that chance encounter with the wise and friendly frog, you begin pondering the benefits of an animal companion or a familiar. You return to your guild and inquire about the process for summoning your very own companion.

If you desire a familiar, you must either be a member of the Magic Guild, or approach one of the guild members and request a summoning ceremony. If it is a pet or animal companion you seek, you can simply wander into the wild and meditate until a creature approaches you and accepts you as their companion. This process is slower than summoning a familiar, and you may not be successful right away. However, the bond of trust you feel with your companion will be worth the effort.

Your Quest

It's time for another player quest! Remember, these quests can be completed any time, but note that our main stitch quest in July is inspired by this side quest!

If you could have an animal companion or familiar, what would it look like? Where does it come from? What does it like/dislike? Does it have a unique quirk? How did you meet your companion/familiar? As you create your animal companion imagine its backstory and give it a name. There are endless possibilities!

Write a brief description of your character’s animal companion / familiar. If creative writing isn’t your thing, try any one of the random generators online. These don’t have to be long, so don’t worry! Here’s an example from a random generator:

Type: Elemental Cat Familiar

Name: Sybil

This nearly feral wildcat has red fur with silver markings and very pale blue eyes. She is unusually large and suspiciously intelligent. She likes expensive things, exploring and chasing things, and hates humidity, competitors, and bad smells. Her favourite place to sleep is the couch. Her favourite trick is catch.


Here's some resources!

Turn In

Now head over to #quest-turn-in and post your animal companion/familiar description! Your guild leaders will add it to your profile once they have some free time.