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Guild Agility
Class Ranger
AlignmentChaotic Neutral
Exp 750
  • Founding Member
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    Pattern Design+1


    Completed Quests

    Quest Turn-in Details
    Color SwapAceTrainerHeather ColorSwap.jpg2 over 1 on 18 ct aida ; Pattern
    Color TheoryAceTrainerHeather ColorTheory.jpgPolteageist palette. DMC: 318, 3889, 3883, 3890, 3891, 3887
    Artist Studies: Durene JonesAceTrainerHeather Studies DureneJones.jpg2 over 1, 14 count hand dyed aida Pattern This little hedgehog is so adorable & I love it but that back stitching on 14 count... whew! It was so fiddly and my fingers hurt afterwards but it was definitely worth it!
    Stitch SpotAceTrainerHeather StitchSpot.jpgMy favorite & most comfortable stitching spot is the couch! I also like stitching at my desk and it's less likely to get dog hair stuck in my stitches, but check out my cute stitching partner next to me! She's definitely worth sitting on the couch!
    Revisit a UFOAceTrainerHeather RevisitUFO.jpgI didn't get near what I wanted to done on this project, I got too distracted by other projects (I'm looking at you Animal Crossing & sewing plushies). But a little progress is better than none & hopefully I'll be picking it up more often to get started on the next house lol. Pattern
    Unconventional CanvasAceTrainerHeather UnconventionalCanvas.jpgI used waste canvas for the first time to stitch this cute little jumino on a pocket of a tank top I have. It was...a challenge. I've never used waste canvas before & stitching on a stretchy fabric and on a pocket was not the best choice! He's a little wonky, but I still love him all the same! Pattern from: Stardew Valley Cross Stitch Book
    Scissor SoireeAceTrainerHeather ScissorSoiree.jpgMy two fabric scissors on the left, general scissors in the middle & my cross stitching ones on the right! I also have another small pair of scissors, but they're MIA and have been for a while.
    Prepare to DyeAceTrainerHeather Prepare to Dye.jpgI had a lot of fun with this one! Made some mistakes, but it turned out unique and beautiful in the end! The 2 bigger pieces of fabric was dyed using a black tea and the 2 small pieces I put in coffee.

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