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    Color SwapAenyx ColorSwap.jpg14 count plastic canvas, 2 over 1 ; Pattern (pg 40)
    Color TheoryAenyx ColorTheory.jpgPolar bear and aurora borealis palette. DMC: 712, 762, 793, 955, 824, 939
    Design: Inspired by ColorAenyx Design InspiredByColor.jpgChameleon; inspired by Sven2102's color palette
    Unique TechniquesDiscovered a Tutorial for:How to Make a 15-sided Biscornu
    Artist Studies: Durene JonesAenyx Studies DureneJones.jpgPattern

    This piece actually helped me gain in confidence regarding designs. Yes it is fine if backstitch isn't an exact border. Backstitch actually allows to give a great level of details without have to make the piece huge.

    Oh, and it's a crime not to give a version of the pattern without backstitch...
    Stitch SpotAenyx StitchSpot.jpgThat's my desk, or actually the part of the table I use as a desk because we can't fit two desks in the flat. I spend most of my free time here (and work time lately too because of covid), usually watching videos while stitching, or playing on my switch in handheld mode. And the magic is I only have to rotate 90° to the right to be in front of the TV monitor and switch to TV mode :) But yeah, I definitely need more space now that I have this awesome hobby :3
    Topsy TurvyAenyx TopsyTurvy.jpgTom Nook ate my soul this month so I had to make a small tribute to the game :3 I usually stitch / \, so I tried doing the opposite :3 Pattern

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