From Pixel Stitch RPG

Guild Melee
Class Fighter
AlignmentTrue Neutral
Exp 450
Stitch Speed+1


Aurora Lee grew up on the prairies. This is where, as a child, her mother taught her the art of cross stitching. (Likely to keep Aurora out of her hair.) After many years of wandering, she settled by the water. Aurora enjoys learning about new supplies and techniques and loves glittery cross stitches – more sparkles are more better! When she’s not working on her craft, she enjoys painting and photography.

Completed Quests

Quest Turn-in Details
Bewitching BlackworkAuroraLee BewitchingBlackwork.jpgThis was designed by one of my Twitch viewers. A tiny little piece. I might do another piece later in the month, but I got a lot of projects on the go right now. This isn't the best, imo, but I learned a few things to make next time's even better!
Speedy StitchingAuroraLee SpeedyStitching.jpgHere's a cute little hedgehog. I stitched him in about an hour so about 6 stitches/minutes? I dunno it's too early for math. Pattern
Specialty StudyFound a tutorial:I found this canvas work design in my old binder of freebies AND it's still around online for me to link! The "Roman Box Stitch" will be new for me. Now to find some yummy threads! Pattern

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