Bettina Levy

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Bettina Levy
Guild Agility
Class Rogue
AlignmentTrue Neutral
Exp 1550
  • Founding Member
  • Skills
    Stitch Speed+2
    Pattern Design+2


    Name: Bettina Le Rogue
    Race: Half-elf
    Born: West of the Flow

    Bettina is the middle child of an elf mother and a human father. Her sister, brother and her were raised sheltered and away from most of society, learning many skills and magics that most beings don't get taught. She was quite powerful in her abilities and was uncommonly smart and clever, but she didn't have many friends and wasn't sure what to do with herself for her life and future, besides helping her family run their shop. She felt unfulfilled in her creativity.

    One day, a little white dog (who was a little annoying) wandered into her small village, spreading quirky Tales of underground monsters, puns, friendship, love and determination. These tales inspired Bettina so much that she started writing songs and poems based on the tales she heard. This led to her becoming an entertainer of sorts, going to different towns and villages and putting on little skits and performances based around these characters and stories, and she had many friends and fans and was happy. For a time. However, as our heroine became more famous and popular for her performances, she felt like she was acting more for her audience than for herself, and she felt less creatively fulfilled.

    It was then that Bettina came across a magical book that revealed stitching patterns of the characters and objects in the Tales she loved so much. Intrigued, and with a vague memory of happily stitching patterns as a child, she purchased the book, gathered supplies, and decided that she would take up the craft once again. It was a journey of trial and error, because she was too proud to ask for help. She made many mistakes along the way, but she was rebellious and left these mistakes in, because she wanted to be quick and nimble. One day, while she was in the market looking for supplies, she happened to run into the great wizard Sirthre, who had written the book of underground monster tales she had found. This wizard was very kind and gave her some tips and guidance, plus she invited Bettina to travel with her to the fabled town of Stitchwind to go on quests and adventures and meet other stitchers like her, so she wouldn't be alone in her journey. And thus, our intrepid half-elf heroine answered the call to adventure and followed the wizard.

    Completed Quests

    Quest Turn-in Details
    Color SwapBettina Levy ColorSwap.jpg2 over 1, 14 ct black aida. Pattern elements from here
    Color TheoryBettina Levy ColorTheory.jpgDMC 420, 956, 3804, 604, 318
    Design: Inspired by ColorBettina Levy Design InspiredByColor.jpgBeach Ball; made in Stitch Fiddle using PicoTala's palette.
    Artist Studies: Durene JonesBettina Levy Studies DureneJones.jpgPattern For my Durene Jones tribute, I picked a 2019 design of hers, because it had lightbulbs in it, and lightbulbs are special to my twin sister (it's the cutie mark of her ponysona OC, Bright Idea), so while I'm doing a quest, I thought it would make a nice gift for her. ^_^

    What I learned: Jones's style is very subtle and detailed. I enjoyed making the frame from 3 colors, so close to each other you can just barely tell them apart. I also went rogue and experimented with my variegated thread on the words. Another way I went rogue is I hadn't realized that i made the frame too small at first, so I had to improvise and change the words. I would have stuck to the design, but I think it's good because it's more personal for my sister.

    Oh, and one other thing. Back stitching was pretty interesting for me. I didn't mind the 2-thread one on the big bulb, or outlining the words to make them pop, but with the rest? 1-threading it in the spaces in between the proper holes?? Didn't really enjoy that. No thanks. Can't say it doesn't give it a cool effect, though.
    Stitch SpotBettina Levy StitchSpot.jpgI have a bag for my extra materials, and I can watch YouTube/Netflix from my computer and easily zone out while stitching in my room. It's also where I most like to sort and organize my colors. The couch is pretty old and dirty, so my mom wants to put it out, but I think it's quite comfy. (Oh, and that's a poster from when I went to Atlantale in 2018. That was such a blast!)
    Topsy TurvyBettina Levy TopsyTurvy.jpgI had a lot more fun with this quest than I thought I would! Having / stitches on top of \ ones was a real effort to get used to, especially when attempting to do so going up rows instead of down. :upside_down: I could have been done a lot quicker if I had stopped with the quote at the bottom, but I wanted to include the fox jokes, and then the whole thing looked kinda empty somehow, so I added flowers! I pulled every element from a different pattern/design, so I feel like a real artist having combined them in my own unique way. :grin:
    Stash SystemDiscovered organization inspiration:Thread Colour Display I probably wouldn't do it this way myself (because I'd have to stitch all the numbers in), but it looks so cool and organized!
    Revisit a UFOBettina Levy RevisitUFO.jpgThe before picture isn't quite from the beginning of the month, really May 11. Still, I made a lot of progress, especially to the bottom with all the boss monsters. ^_^
    Take InventoryTook inventory of their stash:Stash Airtable
    Unconventional CanvasBettina Levy UnconventionalCanvas.jpgI am super proud of this, not gonna lie. XD I tried really hard to find those waffle-cut potato chips, like in the IG pic, but I guess they just don't have them in stock these days. :P So I looked for another food with holes and came upon crackers!
    Scissor SoireeBettina Levy ScissorSoiree.jpgI mainly use the black one in the middle, cuz it's the best, but I at least know I have spares.
    International StyleTraveled the world and discovered:I follow the Insta hashtag for cross-stitch in general, so I get bombarded with cool designs in general. Definitely a lot of impressive Russian ones. XD But today I came across this piece, from Iran of all places! This designer, Nakh Rangi looks like he makes very cute and simple patterns that appeal to me, and the finishing technique on phone cases is so cool! Searching up other Iran cross-stitcher accounts, it seems like a lot of them feature similarly simple nature themes, like flowers and birds and such. ^__^
    Artist Studies: Ink CirclesBettina Levy Studies InkCircles.jpgI basically grabbed their Futurama alphabet and wrote out my name in different shades of pink (because that's my favorite color), and I think it turned out pretty cool!
    Blackwork ResearchResearched Blackwork and discovered:Blackwork Butterfly So this technique looks pretty interesting, not quite cross-stitching, but not just back stitching either. I could see myself potentially having some fun with this once I've tried it out. I imagine it's somewhat easier to design a pattern for blackwork... well, if not easier, then certainly you turn out more creative pieces! I found this pretty butterfly freebie pattern on Google Images and had to search for a whole to find a proper legit link for it. Luckily it was copyrighted. Michaela Learner has some very cool stitching patterns!
    Bewitching BlackworkBettina Levy BewitchingBlackwork.jpgThis took me a lot quicker to stitch than I thought it would. The repetitive pattern was interesting, but I was also unsure how to go about it, so the butt is probably all over the place. I also think in the future I'll go for a smaller weave count for the cloth, because even single thread stitches look thick here... I definitely prefer cross-stitching for sure, but this was a good experience. This is a gift for my mom, and I'll probably stitch more around the butterfly to complete it, but I wanted to make blackstitch the centerpiece to combine it for this month's quest. ^_^ Pattern
    Petite PatternsFound a small pattern to stitch:I can easily choose a pattern from the Undertale Cross Stitch Book. Hearts, flowers, bones, character sprites. There's literally NO shortage of small patterns I can stitch in jiffy.
    Speedy StitchingBettina Levy SpeedyStitching.jpgI thought if I made the same simple pattern multiple times in different colors, it would count towards the quest, and help me get better and improve my time the more I stitched it. Well, I learned that you never know when your thread will get a surprise knot in it, or when you'll mess up the stitch in some way and cost you precious seconds. XD It was a valuable lesson, for sure. I'm not quite finished with the piece, but it's good enough for me to submit. ^_^

    Every Undertale heart/soul was 186 stitches, and each one took anywhere between 39mins (4.7 stitches per min.) and 53mins (3.5 stitches per min.).

    For the purpose of fulfilling the quest and actually having multiple colors in my pattern, I timed myself on stitching the Deltarune symbol. 175 stitches in 50mins (3.5 stitches per min.)

    Patterns from the Undertale Cross Stitch Book
    Needle Minder ManiaBettina Levy Needle Minder Mania.jpgBoth of these needle minders I got from my stitch-swap partner about half a year ago (already?!). I also have a little purple spaceship minder, but I don't know where that is. I usually use the No-face one, but put the needles on the alien so you could see the details better

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