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Guild Magic
Class Cleric
AlignmentNeutral Good
Exp 1550
  • Founding Member
  • Skills
    Stitch Speed+1
    Pattern Design+2


    Name: Camilla

    Race: Human

    Class: Cleric

    Backstory: Camilla was born in the Land of Misra. Born in the month of March and on the day the flowers she was named after, finally fell to the Earth in passing. She was born into 8 generations of healers. Her mother's ancestors were blessed by the goddess of vitality Feran. Which they used the goddesses blessing to heal their people and and swore to serve her for future generations. With each generation, the goddesses blessing was passed down and the Hana clan became clerics in service to Feran. Camilla too was born with the blessing and had to endure her clans lessons on many healing methods. From medicinal plants to textbook procedures, she studied everyday from the day she turned 8 years old. Camilla suffered from the constant pressures and one day ran from her home. She encountered a woman by the lake and saw she was sewing intricate designs on a cloth. Curious, she approached her and inquired what she was making. This was the first time she encountered stitching. Making art through thread. She met with the woman on a weekly basis and felt all her worries and anxiety melt away while stitching with her friend Clara. Camilla learned to turn her stitching into healing charms and used this knowledge to remain in service to Feran while continuing her passion. Clara told her of a guild of people like her that would accept Camilla without pressure and expectations for her to serve her goddess. On the night of her 17th birthday, she left her home and followed the directions to the guild her friend had given her.

    Completed Quests

    Quest Turn-in Details
    Color SwapCamillaScarlet ColorSwap.jpg7 count plastic canvas; Custom pattern
    Color TheoryCamillaScarlet ColorTheory.jpgKirishima palette. DMC colours: BLANC, 310, 413, 666, 803, 761, 738, 898, 741
    Design: Inspired by ColorCamillaScarlet Design InspiredByColor.jpgKirishima, inspired by her own color palette.
    Unique TechniquesDiscovered a Tutorial for:How to Make Tassels
    Artist Studies: Durene JonesCamillaScarlet Studies DureneJones.jpgPattern This was fun to make and interesting to learn from. The special instructions were to do a specific colour before the other to give a layered effect. At least, that is how I understood it.
    Stitch SpotCamillaScarlet StitchSpot.jpgI got a new pillow for my computer chair. I love to stitch in this chair with my knees brought up. I get into the zone to stitch on stream or off stream at my makeshift desk. I have my two craft totes next to my chair and scented candles behind me. All these things bring me comfort while I create art through thread.
    Topsy TurvyCamillaScarlet TopsyTurvy.jpgEgg pattern stitched backwards with custom Saitama face backstitched. I call it Saitamago! This project took twice as long as I usually stitch but I think it turned out well enough!
    Stash SystemDiscovered organization inspiration:Embroidery Setup I found a really neat way to create storage boxes for any craft supplies like fabric and WIPs. This inspires me to one day make a box for myself once I run out of space from my current box.
    Revisit a UFOCamillaScarlet RevisitUFO.jpgLast night I finished a UFO back from February. I was working on black work embroidery but then started on keychains for celebrating 100 followers on Instagram. I was so excited to reach that milestone that my black work embroidery project was forgotten. I was reminded once more of the beauty of back stitching as I was working on the project.
    Take InventoryTook inventory of their stash:I was given advice by my mother when I first started stitching, to write down all my stitch projects to stay on track and not get swamped with WIPs. I have kept my board up to date since then and it has helped me greatly.Whitebaord Photo
    Unconventional CanvasCamillaScarlet UnconventionalCanvas.jpgFor this quest, I stitched without my trusted waste canvas and free handed a self made pattern of a Tsubaki flower! No thread grids this time! It gave me so much trouble but I feel I pulled it off!
    Scissor SoireeCamillaScarlet ScissorSoiree.jpgI have always used my red handled scissors for every craft. Whether it be cutting floss, plastic canvas, felt, yarn, and lace. I only use my pinking shears to cut fabric for patches, giving it nice crisp edges that won't fray as fast.
    Prepare to DyeCamillaScarlet Prepare to Dye.jpgFor this quest, I went out of my comfort zone and tried to dye a white piece of Aida with Green tea. Didn't turn out how I imagined. Since I have never done this before or looked up tutorials, I winged it and soaked the fabric and wringed it out multiple times. In the future, I will be doing research on methods before attempting again.
    Artist Studies: Ink CirclesCamillaScarlet Studies InkCircles.jpgInk Circles Freebies For this quest I used the April 2006 pattern and swapped the colours with DMC 600, 603, 987, and 989. What I learned from this project is, when swapping colours try to match the shade intervals. The pattern had three shades difference that I swapped with the 600 and 603. As well as a two shades difference that I swapped with 987 and 989. Keeping to these intervals, I was able to shade correctly for the pattern. This pattern was really fun and relaxing to stitch and I will be looking for more Celtic knots to stitch in the future.
    Blackwork ResearchResearched Blackwork and discovered:I fell in love with Blackwork back in November of 2019. I still go to the blackwork blog for inspiration and have made some of my own designs in my journal! Here is one of them that I find really neat! Rose Motif
    Bewitching BlackworkCamillaScarlet BewitchingBlackwork.jpgFor this quest, I went on the free blackwork embroidery site, Imaginesque. And chose various fill patterns as well as the puzzle pattern. In the centre is my own creation I designed. I had so much fun with stitching this project, I was originally going to use my #8 DMC embroidery thread in various colours, but found that it was too thick for intricate designs. This piece was stitched with #12 DMC embroidery thread and the puzzle with #8.
    Petite PatternsFound a small pattern to stitch:It took quite a while to find a small pixel art that was around 15x15 stitch, when I could not find that size, I went a little bigger and found this adorable chocobo piece that I can convert to cross stitch! I look forward to stitching this in the future!
    Speedy StitchingCamillaScarlet SpeedyStitching.jpgFor this month's quest, I used a free perler pattern of a chocobo and converted it into Cross Stitch. This project took 1h25min to stitch with some delays from streaming. This pattern has 245 stitches and it amounts to 3.27 stitch/min.

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