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Guild Magic
Class Wizard
AlignmentTrue Neutral
Exp 650
  • Founding Member
  • Skills
    Pattern Design+2


    Completed Quests

    Quest Turn-in Details
    Color SwapCasa ColorSwap.jpg14 ct white Aida. Self designed pattern
    Color TheoryCasa ColorTheory.jpgPastel Spring palette. DMC: 647, 3727, 827, 3816, 739
    Design: Inspired by ColorCasa Design InspiredByColor.jpgFlower design using her own color palette.
    Artist Studies: Durene JonesCasa Studies DureneJones.jpgPattern wow i've never done so much backstitch in my life! it was certainly interesting and i did make a few mistakes but i like durene's style of not exactly following the lines of the stitches! (i also accidently used the wrong shade of blue for arm but shhhhhhhh)
    Topsy TurvyCasa TopsyTurvy.jpgHonestly I never keep track of how I stitch lmao. But with this I did \ and then /. It was interesting and I did have moments I had to frog and do it again
    Revisit a UFOCasa RevisitUFO.jpgI started this back in March but got distracted by so many other projects. I finally went back to it and it is done :smile: Pattern is done by me

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