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Class Crusade
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Due Date 2021/04/30
Experience 100


The time has come! After the long, arduous journey to the dragon’s lair, each guild takes their place. The dragon can be seen resting upon its spoils. All the most beautiful fabric of Stitchwind is in a mound under the sleeping reptile's scaled belly.

The Melee Guild moves into battle formation. With their blades and axes at the ready, they await the signal from the other guilds. The Agility Guild is broken into two teams. The first team prepares traps while the team of rangers silently move into position. Their bows creak quietly as they pull back their notched arrows. The Magic Guild takes note of everyone’s positions, then shoots one silent flair of magic into the sky – the signal!

The battle begins. Barbarians, Fighters, Paladins, and Monks rush the sleeping beast while rangers’ arrows whiz overhead toward the dragon. An arrow strikes the dragon’s back and the reptilian eyes burst open in a fit of rage and shock. The magic guild acts quickly, casting an illusion spell to obscure the melee guild from its sight.

The enraged dragon twists its body and whips its tail, striking several of your comrades and sending them tumbling. Healers rush in and scoop up their injured friends, quickly administering their healing spells.

Other magic users quickly entrap the dragon in a binding spell, forcing it to become immobile. The dragon cries out, “WHY? Why do you attack me?”

Something does not feel right. All the guilds suddenly take pause and look at the immobilized beast.

“You stole our beloved fabric from Stitchwind!” Someone cries out in response.

“Stole?” The dragon’s voice sounds genuinely confused.

“Yes,” A Paladin replies, “The bounty beneath you belongs to Stitchwind. We are here to take what is rightfully ours."

The dragon quivers as it attempts to break from the spell. “I stole none of this, it was a gift. A thank you for keeping your city safe from bandits.”

The crowd murmurs as weapons are lowered hesitantly. Is the dragon being deceptive or genuine?

“Please believe me,” The dragon continued, “I have been protecting Stitchwind for hundreds of years and occasionally, a stash of fabric is left for me. I saw this beautiful caravan of fabric outside the city unattended. I presumed it was a gift for my years of service – a continued gesture of good will. Please, release me and take your fabric. I will no longer bother you.”

Had it been a misunderstanding all along? Could Stitchwind really work with the dragon?

Your Quest

To defeat the dragon all the guilds and all the classes are going to need to work together. So this month we want to see some class pride. Stitch something inspired by or related to your class or guild (or any of the Pixel Stitch classes).

It can be as simple as stitching a pair of swords or some dice or your could take inspiration from the guilds logos or colour schemes. If you want to go even deeper into our lore remember that there's world building about the different guilds and classes around the website or just chat with your guild mates to see what best represents you.


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You can check out etsy or your own stash and if you know of any good patterns let us know in #quest-chat!

Turn In

All done? Head over to the Discord and find the #quest-turn-in channel and make a single post with a photo of your finished piece, and a sentence or two about how its related to your class. When possible, please include a direct link to the pattern you used.

Please don't chat or discuss the entries in this channel. We don't want anyone's work to get buried in chatter.

You can 'react' to the other photos as a show of encouragement. Or complement and discuss others' work in the #quest-chat channel.

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