Color Theory

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Color Theory
Color Theory.png
Due Date 2020/01/31
Experience 50
Pattern Design+1


You've been picking through the mess of threads for a while now and just can't seem to find colors that work together. You think you've finally found a few that you could use for one of the patterns in the book, but you're still not quite sure if they look right.

"Hmm. Maybe a lighter shade of blue would work well with that." You jump, startled at the sudden voice behind you. Someone must have seen the look of concentration on your face and decided you could use a hand.

You turn to find a young woman smiling broadly. "Sorry, I didn't mean to startle. I was just trying to figure out who got stuck finally sorting out this mess of thread."

Glancing over at the one who had put you to work, you shrug. "Ah, you're new here then. That's cool too. Though... maybe I can help."

Before you can say anything, she's started walking off, motioning you to follow. You hesitate briefly, but decide to follow her. Soon finding yourself in a large library covered wall to ceiling in all sorts of books. Other guild members coming and going, searching the shelves, or sitting at one of the many tables already face first in a book.

You watch as she glances this way and that as if considering which way to go, then motions towards a shelf along the back wall.

Reading the spines on the shelf you find that most of the books on the wall are art books. This particular section being entirely about color theory. She pulls a couple of books down and hands them to you.

"That big one is pretty useful for figuring out which colors complement each other. The smaller one just has a bunch of examples of color palettes to help you get inspired. Shouldn't take long to find something that fits your pattern, I'd think. Just leave the books on the table when you're done. Someone will put them away."

You smile at her, express your appreciation, and sit down to get to work.

Your Quest

It's time to think outside of an existing pattern! Just choosing some colors that look nice together is a great first step towards designing your own. Or re-designing someone else's!

Your quest is simply to take a picture of 5-10 thread colors you think go well together.

These could chosen at 'random' from your stash, or could be based on a photo you like. You could even base it off an item you own.

Maybe you have a shirt or something with a cool colorful pattern and can find similar colors in thread. Whatever inspires you!

This may help you or others come up with ideas for color schemes to use for the Color Swap quest if anyone still hasn't picked theirs!


If you know of other good resources, share them in #quest-chat!

wildolive's "Choosing Colors"

Lifehacker - Basics of Color Theory

Design Seeds - Color swatches inspired by photos

Colour Lovers - More color pallettes to inspire you!

Pinterest - Cross Stitch Color Palettes

Turn In

All done? Head over to the Discord and find the #quest-turn-in channel and make a single post with a photo of your chosen thread. For easy reference by others, make sure your color numbers are visible in the photo, or that you include them in your post. (or both!)

Please don't chat or discuss the entries in this channel. We don't want anyone's work to get buried in chatter.

You can 'react' to the other photos as a show of encouragement. Or complement and discuss others' color palettes in the #quest-chat channel.


Here we have all the players who have completed this quest!
Check the actual player pages for the color numbers if provided.

Player Photo
Sven2102Sven2102 ColorTheory.jpg
Bettina_LevyBettina Levy ColorTheory.jpg
UngoliaantUngoliaant ColorTheory.jpg
SkyeFireSkyeFire ColorTheory.jpg
RosbelleRosbelle ColorTheory.jpg
RoguexStitchesRoguexStitches ColorTheory.jpg
TybieleeTybielee ColorTheory.jpg
Kitty_WyldeKitty Wylde ColorTheory.jpg
TrixieFoxTrixieFox ColorTheory.jpg
OrchidMorchOrchidMorch ColorTheory.jpg
CuteteahoruCuteteahoru ColorTheory.jpg
AmethystSquidAmethystSquid ColorTheory.jpg
CasaCasa ColorTheory.jpg
CosplayXStitchCosplayXStitch ColorTheory.jpg
Day StitcherDay Stitcher ColorTheory.jpg
Decadent CaketressDecadent Caketress ColorTheory.jpg
MadHatterMadHatter ColorTheory.jpg
SirithreSirithre ColorTheory.jpg
Gnomish-òwòGnomish-òwò ColorTheory.jpg
IndefinitelyIndigoIndefinitelyIndigo ColorTheory.jpg
CharlieRetroCharlieRetro ColorTheory.jpg
LukiraLukira ColorTheory.jpg
EmmcyEmmcy ColorTheory.jpg
AceTrainerHeatherAceTrainerHeather ColorTheory.jpg
TegaTega ColorTheory.jpg
SoftgothloveSoftgothlove ColorTheory.jpg
BluehatBluehat ColorTheory.jpg
AzureKoiAzureKoi ColorTheory.jpg
DaeraieDaeraie ColorTheory.jpg
AenyxAenyx ColorTheory.jpg
Phoenix_Indigo_CupcakePhoenix Indigo Cupcake ColorTheory.jpg
Deadwool.CraftsDeadwool.Crafts ColorTheory.jpg
CleverTwoCleverTwo ColorTheory.jpg
CamillaScarletCamillaScarlet ColorTheory.jpg
ZindyZindy ColorTheory.jpg
CeedtroidCeedtroid ColorTheory.jpg
EnuiEnui ColorTheory.jpg
DrekiDreki ColorTheory.jpg
SiodhnaSiodhna ColorTheory.jpg
PeacebonePeacebone ColorTheory.jpg
Nessie9412Nessie9412 ColorTheory.jpg
Fiamma29Fiamma29 ColorTheory.jpg
GothieGothie ColorTheory.jpg
WillowglimgalWillowglimgal ColorTheory.jpg
ClarqueClarque ColorTheory.jpg
AlannahAlannah ColorTheory.jpg
SchurschSchursch ColorTheory.jpg
FlowerFoxyFlowerFoxy ColorTheory.jpg
RobinhoodRobinhood ColorTheory.jpg
Keth119Keth119 ColorTheory.jpg
LilcatfairyLilcatfairy ColorTheory.jpg
KimmyycubKimmyycub ColorTheory.jpg
CrowbeakCrowbeak ColorTheory.jpg
Commoncandi1Commoncandi1 ColorTheory.jpg
PurenightshadePurenightshade ColorTheory.jpg
Arkanian17Arkanian17 ColorTheory.jpg
FiresoulbirdFiresoulbird ColorTheory.jpg
SunsetNateSunsetNate ColorTheory.jpg
CinderCinder ColorTheory.jpg
LaylaLayla ColorTheory.jpg
Parma_MuinaParma Muina ColorTheory.jpg
CraftingGeekCraftingGeek ColorTheory.jpg
FlaminkuhFlaminkuh ColorTheory.jpg
FireWingsFireWings ColorTheory.jpg
SyzennaSyzenna ColorTheory.jpg
SheikSheik ColorTheory.jpg
PicoTalaPicoTala ColorTheory.jpg
RahfanaRahfana ColorTheory.jpg
WenchfaeryWenchfaery ColorTheory.jpg
CrimsonRoseCrimsonRose ColorTheory.jpg
Walter OrbWalter Orb ColorTheory.jpg
MistressMittensMistressMittens ColorTheory.jpg
Aivilo611Aivilo611 ColorTheory.jpg