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Design- Inspired by Color
Design- Inspired by Color.png
Due Date 2020/02/29
Experience 100
Pattern Design+1


It's been a long day. You managed to put together a quick cross stitch with the limited materials given to you, and the steward even looked impressed with your work! It's hard to believe it was that easy to get accepted into the guild, but here you are.

It was getting pretty late by the time you finished your makeshift entrance exam. Luckily the Guild was prepared to assign you a room this very day rather than having to stay at one of the local inns, though you recall them stating amusedly that the spare rooms were filling up fast this season.

The room you've been given is fairly barren, not much more than a simple bed, desk, and a comfortable looking sitting chair. It is however clean, a fact you're surprisingly excited by after the long trip to Stitchwind.

You settle into bed to try and get a good night's rest before whatever tasks the Guild will no doubt throw at you tomorrow. But you're far too excited to sleep. It feels like the thoughts are just spinning in your head.

The size of the library you'd explored earlier. The woman who had assisted you without even introducing herself. The other new recruits who seemed just as puzzled by the unceremonious entry task. The inspiring books you had leafed through whilst trying to get your stitch done before the day's end.

Your mind just can't seem to quiet down enough to sleep. Despite everything else running through your mind though, one thing keeps pushing its way through. Colors.

While looking through the books earlier you'd come across a color palette that you simply couldn't get out of your thoughts. You weren't able to find all the colors in the box to use it for your first quest, but you knew you had to make -something- with it.

Knowing full well you won't be able to sleep any time soon, you get back up and leaf through your bag for your trusty notebook and start designing.

Your Quest

Okay, we know we said monthly quests would require stitching. This one does NOT! But we wanted to make sure you got a full month to work on this!

Your task this month is to design a small pattern based on one of the color palettes submitted for last month's sidequest. Check out the Color Theory page for a full listing of all the palettes! We know you're going to have a lot of questions, so we'll try to answer them in advance.

  • Use one of the color palettes from the Color Theory quest! It doesn't have to be your palette submission. If someone else's inspired you, or made you think of something in particular. That's okay! Just be sure to tell use whose it was!
    • If you just can't pick, head over to the #dice-rolls channel and type !roll d74 Then, refer to This Spreadsheet to see whose palette you rolled.
    • If necessary, you can add basic colors like Black/White.
  • The design doesn't have to be of whatever the colors were inspired by. Just because a set of colors are based off a Pokémon, doesn't mean you can't use them to create a field of flowers, or a rocket ship, or whatever those colors make you think of.
  • If a color is unknown or in a brand you don't have access to, feel free to substitute a similar color in your preferred brand.
  • 'Small' means different things to everyone.
    • If you just want a 20x20 design, that's fine.
    • If you think 100x100 is small, (Like a text design with a lot of blank areas) that's cool too.
    • If you're having trouble designing in a small space, scale it up a bit.
    • Basically, by 'small' I mean something you could potentially stitch up within a month if it came up in a quest. (Hint, hint)
  • As to how you create your pattern, that's up to you.
    • You could use a program like WinStitch or PCStitch. They have free trials, too.
    • You could use a pixel art program instead and just zoom in a bit and apply a grid.
    • You could use a free online tool like StitchFiddle.
    • You could doodle it on graph paper and scribble it in with colored pencils.
  • Your pattern should be submitted as an image file, or a photo of the notebook you drew it in. To be uploaded to the site and will be considered free for others to use. If you need help with figuring out how to export your pattern, please ask! If you're using a free trial of a program and can't export; a screenshot that includes the design and color palette will suffice!

Disclaimer: If you don't feel like you're an 'artist' THAT'S OKAY. Noone is here to judge your artistic skill. You're learning. This is an exercise. It doesn't have to be perfect. Feel free to also ask your guildmates for tips, feedback, help with formatting, etc. We're all in this artistic journey together!


If you know of other good resources, share them in #quest-chat! You are not in any way required to BUY software for this quest! There are plenty of free options, and most paid software has free trials.

  • Printable Paper - If you don't have any graph paper, you can print some out!
  • C.R.A.F.T - How to make a cross stitch pattern (with graph paper)

Pixel Art Tutorials! Cross stitch is basically pixel art. And there are a LOT of pixel art tutorials out there. So look around and see what you can find. Share any that really helped you with the group.

  • More resources available in the #pattern-design channel pins on Discord

Turn In

All done? Head over to the Discord and find the #quest-turn-in channel and make a single post with your pattern image. Be sure to mention whose palette you used! Whether it was your own, or someone else's.

Please don't chat or discuss the entries in this channel. We don't want anyone's work to get buried in chatter.

You can 'react' to the other photos as a show of encouragement. Or complement and discuss others' color palettes in the #quest-chat channel.


Here we have all the players who have completed this quest!
Check the actual player pages for information regarding their selected color palette.

Player Photo
DaeraieDaeraie Design InspiredByColor.jpg
AmethystSquidAmethystSquid Design InspiredByColor.jpg
WillowglimgalWillowglimgal Design InspiredByColor.jpg
ZindyZindy Design InspiredByColor.jpg
UngoliaantUngoliaant Design InspiredByColor.jpg
Sven2102Sven2102 Design InspiredByColor.jpg
CuteteahoruCuteteahoru Design InspiredByColor.jpg
MorihaldaMorihalda Design InspiredByColor.jpg
CraftingGeekCraftingGeek Design InspiredByColor.jpg
GothieGothie Design InspiredByColor.jpg
Bettina LevyBettina Levy Design InspiredByColor.jpg
RiannonRiannon Design InspiredByColor.jpg
Day StitcherDay Stitcher Design InspiredByColor.jpg
CasaCasa Design InspiredByColor.jpg
SirithreSirithre Design InspiredByColor.jpg
Commoncandi1Commoncandi1 Design InspiredByColor.jpg
PicoTalaPicoTala Design InspiredByColor.jpg
LukiraLukira Design InspiredByColor.jpg
CeedtroidCeedtroid Design InspiredByColor.jpg
SoftgothloveSoftgothlove Design InspiredByColor.jpg
Decadent CaketressDecadent Caketress Design InspiredByColor.jpg
Fiamma29Fiamma29 Design InspiredByColor.jpg
CamillaScarletCamillaScarlet Design InspiredByColor.jpg
SiodhnaSiodhna Design InspiredByColor.jpg
MadHatterMadHatter Design InspiredByColor.jpg
CharlieRetroCharlieRetro Design InspiredByColor.jpg
LaylaLayla Design InspiredByColor.jpg
AenyxAenyx Design InspiredByColor.jpg
AzureKoiAzureKoi Design InspiredByColor.jpg
Nessie9412Nessie9412 Design InspiredByColor.jpg
EnuiEnui Design InspiredByColor.jpg
RoguexStitchesRoguexStitches Design InspiredByColor.jpg
TrixieFoxTrixieFox Design InspiredByColor.jpg
FlowerFoxyFlowerFoxy Design InspiredByColor.jpg
Arkanian17Arkanian17 Design InspiredByColor.jpg
CosplayXStitchCosplayXStitch Design InspiredByColor.jpg
CrowbeakCrowbeak Design InspiredByColor.jpg
Deadwool.CraftsDeadwool.Crafts Design InspiredByColor.jpg
AlannahAlannah Design InspiredByColor.jpg
Keth119Keth119 Design InspiredByColor.jpg
CinderCinder Design InspiredByColor.jpg
MistressMittensMistressMittens Design InspiredByColor.jpg
SyzennaSyzenna Design InspiredByColor.jpg
TybieleeTybielee Design InspiredByColor.jpg
SchurschSchursch Design InspiredByColor.jpg
Phoenix Indigo CupcakePhoenix Indigo Cupcake Design InspiredByColor.jpg
EmmcyEmmcy Design InspiredByColor.jpg
TegaTega Design InspiredByColor.jpg
Last-StitchLast-Stitch Design InspiredByColor.jpg
LilcatfairyLilcatfairy Design InspiredByColor.jpg
XSAFFIREXXSAFFIREX Design InspiredByColor.jpg
RobinhoodRobinhood Design InspiredByColor.jpg
SkyeFireSkyeFire Design InspiredByColor.jpg
Parma_MuinaParma Muina Design InspiredByColor.jpg