Fabulous Fabric

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Fabulous Fabric
Fabulous Fabric.png
Due Date 2021/05/31
Experience 50


You sit among your guild-mates as the fabrics returned by the dragon are sorted. Each of you has a small stash in front of you as the items are divided to their rightful owners. You notice a piece of fabric in the pile that you had been looking for.

“There it is, I have been searching for this for months!” you declare, holding the item up for your comrades to see.

“Oh, that fabric is beautiful,” one replies, “look at this one my aunt sent me. We thought it was lost forever.”

Soon, everyone is sharing their recovered and newfound treasures.

Your Quest

The side quest this month is quite simple, as we're sure you've got your hands full with the stitch quest this time around!

It is simply to... take a photo! But not just any photo, we want to see your fabric stash. Big or small. Doesn't matter if they're aida or even-weave, white or coloured, plastic or fabric, fat quarters or scraps.

Gather them all together and take a photo. You could arrange them all neatly and take a sweet Instagram-worthy flat-lay shot. Or dump them in a pile and snap a quick shot. Whatever you've got time for. We won't judge.

This is NOT about whose stash is bigger or smaller. Try not to compare your stash to others! This is just for fun!

Turn In

All done? Head over to the Discord and find the #quest-turn-in channel and make a single post with a photo of your fabric collection! If you've got a moment, tell us which one is your favorite and why!

Please don't chat or discuss the entries in this channel. We don't want anyone's work to get buried in chatter.

You can 'react' to the other photos as a show of encouragement. Or complement and discuss others' inventory methods in the #quest-chat channel.


Here we have all the players who have completed this quest, and their scissor collection!

Player Photo
Allie OopAllie oopFabulousFabric.jpg
Spooky Squeeks150px
Lil Cat Fairy150px
Amethyst SquidAmethystSquidFabulousFabric.jpg