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Guild Magic
Class Warlock
AlignmentChaotic Evil
Exp 2250
  • Founding Member
  • Magic Guild Leader
  • Skills
    Stitch Speed+1
    Pattern Design+3


    The Stitchening of Rayvyn Left wandering around this world, unsure of their parents and now joining a magic guild in Stitchwind? Sounds like every dark and edgy backstory ever, but it is the truth for Rayvyn. Picking up life lessons on the streets Rayvyn found themselves working as a cleaner in a high class brothel, and it was here that they their calling.
    Living on the streets Rayvyn learned that people walk a spectrum of good and evil, and that this can change rapidly. Being forced into dangerous and defensive situations became second nature and Rayvyn developed these skills. A high class brothel is still a brothel, and some people sometimes need a hand to get back in line. Rayvyn's particular magic skills made a name for themselves and they were often scolded for their anger outbursts. They suggested a range of anger managing activities, such as baking or needlework.
    It wasn't until Rayvyn discovered they could imbue the threads they worked with all kinds of spells and curses that they really took to stitching. Rayvyn would take the clothes of customers for "laundering" purposes and imbue a range of spells into the seams. Weaving protective and defensive magicks into the clothing of the other employees.
    It was the vengeance spells that drew the attention of Rayvyn's patron, and they formed a bond. A bond that saw Rayvyn leave to wander the world once more, with a new set of skills, a set of forever sharp needles and a clutch of floss with all the colours of the rainbow.
    Rayvyn found their way to Stitchwind, and in need of a more stable place to reside, at least for the meantime they explored the various guilds, eventually finding the magic guild.
    Rayvyn now spends their days imbuing projects with spells, researching new methods and magicks in the guild library and experimenting in the lab. You can always see a needle case, shaped like a wand, tucked behind their ear, nestled right next to a flowing tattoo of wasps.

    Completed Quests

    Quest Turn-in Details
    Color SwapGothie ColorSwap.jpg14 count studio session random dye from Colour cascade fabrics. ; Pattern
    Color TheoryGothie ColorTheory.jpgPalette inspired by WoW screenshot, DMC: 926, 938, 922, 22, 310, 3852, 906
    Design: Inspired by ColorGothie Design InspiredByColor.jpgChibi Warlock with Sylvanas quote. Made with Stitch fiddle. Inspired by own colour palette
    Unique TechniquesDiscovered a Tutorial for:How to Make a Cross Stitch Quilt Block
    Artist Studies: Durene JonesGothie Studies DureneJones.jpgDurene is a fantastic designer with lots of halloween goodies to pick from, and her designs are that perfect midpoint between basic and detailed. I like that the colours in the pattern preview are slightly lighter than the threads you use, so as it comes together its much more striking.

    I enjoy the absence from not being afraid to use black as something other than an outline ( the bat is outlined in greys and filled with black before backstitch.

    But what I have always loved about this designer is her commitment to the community. She sells her designs, and her designs are often featured in magazines but I would argue that she has more freebies than paid patterns. And that is a beautiful thing.
    Stitch SpotGothie StitchSpot.jpgI stitch at my computer because it's the best lumbar support, other than my wheelchairs. I have all my stash under my desk or in the shelves next to it. And I most commonly stitch while gaming or watching shows. This also means my furry ginger babies can't get to my floss.
    Topsy TurvyGothie TopsyTurvy.jpgIt was easier than I thought to stitch the opposite way, I was able to watch Netflix and stitch. However the abnormal movement and sequence affected my disability and I found it harder physically to do, so I'm glad I picked something small.
    Stash SystemDiscovered organization inspiration:15 Creative craft room organization ideas Having just redone my DMC storage this was harder than I thought, but I found some inspiration for my aida storage, one day when I have much more space to play with. Looking at number 5 specifically, with the drawers and shelves inside the cupboard, and shelves on the inside of the doors. At least that way I could split my aida collection into counts and plain vs hand dyed, and the cats can't get in there and sleep all over everything.
    Revisit a UFOGothie RevisitUFO.jpgI wasn't able to stitch much at all this month due to life, disability and the cold so instead I reviewed my current projects and retired some, going from 21 to 17 wips. In the last 3 days I did some stitching on this kit project. This one is a mixture of one strand crosses, 2 strand crosses, 3 strand half stitches, french knots and backstitch. It's a bit of a pain, but I am determined now.
    Take InventoryTook inventory of their stash:Project Trello - Featuring a whole bunch of kitted projects I have not started because I have 21 WIPs! I did take the chance though to get rid of a few small ones from magazines that had not been paired with their pattern or that I no longer liked. I had taken stock of my WIPs using Trello earlier this month so I played around with it a bit and I am liking it for keeping track of projects. In this case the tracking for the Bewitching pixies was most useful as these are a series I am doing on hand dyed fabrics and I needed to check which ones I was missing
    Unconventional CanvasGothie UnconventionalCanvas.jpgSkin! Well it's a practice tattoo skin, but still cool. It was easy enough to stitch on but not to transfer a guide or design onto. Doing a half skull in stitching and I'll be finishing it with a tattoo half.
    Scissor SoireeGothie ScissorSoiree.jpgScissor collection!
    Prepare to DyeGothie Prepare to Dye.jpgI used a set of tulip tie dye's to dye some 18 count aida in my stash. I haven't ironed them yet, and I need to clean up the edges but it's done now :)

    The dyes looked great and the colours bright when I did the first rinse, but after the setting wash they are more dull and I'm not as happy. I have this issue with the tulip dyes before though.

    These are some of the ones I still really like, but there is about 2 metres of dyed aida pieces
    International StyleTraveled the world and discovered:М.П. Студия I always come across really lovely Russian patterns on Insta, and this time I had motivation to actually click and look a profile. I normally look at the fantasy designs but this Fennec Fox one jumped out at me and I squealed. I love them so much. Now to translate it with the power of Google and get this for my stash.
    Artist Studies: Ink CirclesGothie Studies InkCircles.jpgPattern Instead of starting a new project I picked up an old one. This was my handbag project that I used to carry around with me when I needed something to do with my hands, but with several months inside the house avoiding the plague I haven't touched it. It took 3 days of occasional stitching to complete the last section left. Stitched on a scrap of aida in Silver Springs from Colour Cascades Fabric and with floss in Green Witch from Fiberlicious.
    Blackwork ResearchResearched Blackwork and discovered:Blackwork Hummingbird A few years ago I kitted up this project for a group Stitch A Long I never did start. I felt a little daunted by the blackwork aspects and procrastinated for months.

    I spent months watching other people progress and exclaim that the blackwork was faster than the hummingbird, and then life happened.

    It still sits in my pile of kitted projects with some lovely hand dyed fabric, but if I were to start this soon I would look at using some varigated flosses to break up the black.
    Bewitching BlackworkGothie BewitchingBlackwork.jpgThis is my start on this pattern. I picked up a sample piece of Belligerent Bog by Colour Cascades and got to stitching.

    I was going to do this on 32 count but when I started it was not computing with my brain so I switched back to aida

    Update: Finished Piece
    Petite PatternsFound a small pattern to stitch:Mounted Butterfly and Moth Wall. I am in love with this pattern. It has been in my wishlist on Etsy for a few months now, since I stumbled across this designer on Facebook. I want to stitch all the tiny moths
    Speedy StitchingGothie SpeedyStitching.jpgI did mine a little differently because I didn't want to start a new project, not even a small one, so I timed myself in one minute blocks with my current WIP instead.

    When gaming (on flight paths or in a queue/waiting for something to spawn) I stitch about 3-4 stitches per minute including time to check patterns. When watching shows its 4-5 stitches per minute. I can stitch faster if I have my tablet in my holder next to my screen or up on my second pc screen than if I have my paper pattern on the desk in front of me.

    And as a bonus threading a needle takes me an average of 1 min and 20 seconds, because I sometimes get shaky or my hand cramps/seizes.
    Specialty StudyFound a tutorial:Dragonfly Ornament Pattern I have some experience with specialty stitches already but I've never finished a project with them. So I'm adding this to my list of projects to do because it's gorgeous and I want to finish something with hardanger work in it as that's one form of SS I haven't done yet.
    Design: Seasons StitchingGothie Design Seasons Stitching.jpgI don't celebrate Christmas so instead I designed something to sum up my year. Also my first time using WinStitch so it will need some tweaking, but just needed something to vent my frustrations.
    Needle Minder ManiaGothie Needle Minder Mania.jpgI don't use smaller ones on my projects anymore, just this one I got with a magazine. It holds a bunch on it, is great if I'm preloading or working on confetti pieces and sits in easy reach at my computer without being in the way.
    Color KaleidoscopeGothie Color Kaleidoscope.jpgI mean its mostly pink, my most hated colour ever. But still goth. I hated it when I started but I kinda enjoy how it turned out....
    Project ProjectionGothie Project Projection.jpgI've kept things pretty loose and not put dates or timeframes on things because that makes me panic and not do anything. After the last year as well I feel like I can't plan for how things are going to turn out so flexibility is good. Link
    Artist Studies - Dragon DreamsGothie Dragon Dreams.jpgI knew this little vampire dragon from the facebook page was going to be perfect. Also a quick stitch because I needed a quick one. I switched out the colours for etoile dmc so they are also sparkly Pattern Link (Facebook)
    Stitch Spot - Away From HomeGothieStitchSpot-AwayFromHome.jpgI have been in isolation for over a year now with Covid so this has been my stitchy spot. In the past I have stitched in pubs, on planes, in another state and lining up for events (wheelchair user benefits). My room is always messy, but I have everything I need in easy reach here
    Class CrusadeGothieClass Crusade.jpgI couldn't find a warlock themed pattern I really vibed with but I did want to do something with this awesome hand dyed black/grey fabric so I made a very round d20 (The folds did not want to stay put) Pattern is from Robins Design on Etsy
    Fabulous FabricGothieFabulousFabric.jpgLate turn in for Fabulous Fabrics. And I am also very much telling on myself here, as this box is now actually fuller than this as of today. But fabric stash.

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