Guild Hall

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Guild Hall
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Due Date 2020/04/30
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One morning, you leave your room and head into the main hall of your Guild. You notice that there is a ton of commotion about the place. People are moving furniture from one room to another. Other guild mates are cleaning and organizing shelves and storage that lined the walls.

Amongst the members, you spot your Guild Masters hard at work with the rest.

As you approach, one spots you and sees your curiosity in your eyes.

“Ah, yes, with all the new members we’ve been getting as of late, we’ve decided to do a little spring cleaning,” says the Guild Master. They look around. “It’s nice and quick when you’ve got so many members.”

There is a brief lull as the two of you watch the controlled chaos around you.

“Oh, that reminds me,” says the Guild Master, getting your attention again. “There’s a Guild Meeting we want all to attend. We’re going to be doing a redesign of the Guild, make it perfect for what everyone wants from their Guild. So, get brainstorming.” With a smile- and an assignment to help organize a particularly disastrous shelf of patterns- the Guild Master leaves to attend more work to be done.

Armed with just your wits and a duster, you get to work. Your mind starts to wander as you brush away the cobwebs.

‘A guild redesign?’ you think to yourself. The Guild has already been so good in the time you’ve been there, what else could they even add to make it better? After a long day of work, you follow others as they file into one of the meeting halls.

You don’t have to wait long before your Guild Masters step before everyone and the chatter dies down.

Both Guild Masters smile to those gathered before them. “Thank you for joining us tonight,” says one of them. “Thank you all for helping with the spring cleaning of the Guild.”

“And to business of our meeting,” pipes up the other Guild Master. “A Guild redesign. It’s about time we freshen up this place, make it perfect for all our members. A place we can all take pride in calling our home. So, suggestions?”

You look around, the others seeming as uncertain as you. But you take a deep breath and raise your hand.

Your Quest

This is a guild quest - There is no 'turn in', merely an ongoing discussion within your guild channels

It's time for another group quest! This time we'd like you to work with your guild to decide what the guild actually *looks* like.

What sort of building is it? A large castle-like structure? A grouping of unassuming buildings?

What style architecture does it use? Does it pull from victorian architecture? Does it feature Greek columns? Does it remind you of a Japanese pagoda?

What's the interior like? A lush indoor garden? An open room with lots of beanbag chairs? Something resembling an MC Escher painting? Are there any notable outdoor spots like a training area or outdoor clasroom? Be creative!

If you have any artists that want to try drawing it, by all means. But it's not required. You could also look for a *royalty free* photo that ivokes the feeling of your guild. Whether that be an outside shot of an elegant cathedral, or just a peek into one of the rooms.

Remember though, the guilds are in a city. No mountaintop monasteries please. That can be a nice vacation spot for the more advanced students, though. ;)


Some good royalty free photo sites:

Good search terms to use on Royalty Free photo sites:

Turn In

There's no 'turn in' for this technically. But you should head over to the Discord and find your Guild channel and hop in the discussion!

At the end of the month, the High Council will gather your suggestions and update the Guild pages here on the site.