Guild Principles

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Guild Principles
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Due Date 2020/02/29
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Elsewhere in the city, a conversation has started. After most of the city has gone to sleep, the leaders of the three major crafting guilds have met up in a secret location.

It's no secret the high council members are good friends. These meetings aren't uncommon, though no one but them really knows what goes on behind closed doors. Rumors stay they meet up to exchange secret crafting techniques. Others say they probably just play board games and eat snacks.

Regardless of what typically occurs at these gatherings, we know more or less what transpired this particular night. The group was gathered for their weekly meeting, most working on their own projects or otherwise relaxing in the large, comfortable, but mismatched chairs that filled the room.

The discussion started simple enough, with someone pointing out they'd had an awful lot of new recruits lately. All three guilds agreed it had been rather busy. It did always seem like the early parts of the year brought on a lot of new members. Something about new years got people inspired to further their crafts and improve their skills.

Despite the influx, a concern was had by all. With recruits having displayed potential and skill, another good habit was needed to be addressed if they were to bear their emblems. It was important these habits be instilled on them. Guidelines, it was decided. They should be given guidelines to follow, uphold, believe in, for all the members to strive for in each project they took.

After much debate among them, it was soon decided that each guild should come up with their own goals and guidelines to best fit their unique styles. Two rules though, were paramount to all the guilds and would serve as a starting point for this year's recruits.

The following day, you wake up to find a notice pinned to your door indicating a time and place to meet with your fellow new recruits. Upon arrival you're greeted by your heads of guilds, two friendly faces who seem genuinely excited to have so many new students to help guide. Settling into a chair, you waited for other members to file in. Idle chatter from some of the other students on their way in the room revealed their friends in the other guilds received similar notices. This was sure to be an interesting lecture if it was important enough for all the guilds to be involved!

Your Quest

This is a guild quest - There is no 'turn in', merely an ongoing discussion within your guild channels

There are two main guiding principles this RPG wants you to abide by.

  • You should always be enjoying yourself.

And encouraging others to have fun as well. This is not a chore, and you can't fail. You should not be stressing about your tasks, you should focus on growing as an artist.

  • You should always credit other's work.

If you used someone else's pattern, provide an easy and direct way for someone else to obtain that pattern, too. If your design is inspired by another's works, state so clearly and directly. Crediting others for their help in no way devalues your own achievement.


Beyond that, each guild is different and has distinct principles they want to abide by and would like their guild to be associated with.

Your task as a group is to come up with 2-3 fundamental objectives that you wish to hold yourselves to over the course of your time here. Discuss among yourselves what you think are admirable qualities you wish to focus on. What core values you hold dear. Do you want to focus on embracing mistakes? To try new things? To teach/encourage others?

While your leaders will be in charge of putting together just a few based on everyone's suggestions and opinions, this in no way means your guild can *only* have 3 values. You're welcome to come up with as many as you like and focus on whichever speak to you the most. Ultimately this is all about personal growth.

You should also discuss what your guild refers to these statements as. Are they your creed? The Three Oaths? The Five Tenets? Guild Philosophies?

Turn In

There's no 'turn in' for this technically. But you should head over to the Discord and find your Guild channel and hop in the discussion!

At the end of the month, the High Council will gather your suggestions and update the Guild pages here on the site.