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International Style
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Due Date 2020/07/31
Experience 50


You sit back and admire your progress on your dye job. You think that The Weaver would even be impressed, especially with how carefully you followed their safety instructions. Proud of your work so far, you know more patience is needed, so you decide to head out to avoid temptation.

You had heard about some traveling merchants visiting Stitchwind from some of your guild mates. They all seemed excited that the merchants were in the city, so you decide to check it out.

As you wander the market, you find a train of caravans lined up along one end. You see members from all the guilds gathered up and browsing the wares.

You join the crowd and are stuck in awe of the projects and patterns before you. Beautiful blends and complicated, yet stunning charts. Delicate backstitching. Unique finishes that you could never dream of.

You manage to peel your eyes away from the displays long enough to find one of your guild mates beside you.

“Where are these all from?” You ask.

She gives you a smile. “All around the world,” she says. “Every region has their own style or techniques, many very different from what we practice here in Stitchwind.”

You look back to all the beautiful projects before you, in amazement.

“Our library holds a lot of inspiration, if you know where to look,” she says. She tells you more about what to look for and with a thanks, you head back off to your guild, eager to see even more.

Your Quest

This being an English speaking server, we see a lot of the same big popular designers that circle the English cross stitch community.

But there are plenty of non-english speaking designers out there making gorgeous patterns that we may want to stitch or can learn from their styles and incorporate into our own designs...

We've also noticed that countries also seem to have specific trends. Not just in culturally relevant subject matter, but just in how they go about designing patterns. For example, the #russian-and-ukranian-designs channel frequently showcases those countries' penchant for elaborate backstitch and subtle gradients.

Your quest this week is to broaden your horizons and do some exploring in another country's cross stitch themes. Find a new designer that primarily posts on socials or has a website in another language. Could be traditional designs or more modern ones.

Share what it is about their style that stands out to you, or what styles you frequently saw while looking at designers from that country.


We can't really give you a bunch of resources for this without just giving you a list of artists to pick from. You're mainly going to be googling things or searching on social media. But to help, we've compiled a list of hashtags of "cross stitch" in another language.

  • #borduren (Dutch)
  • #ristpiste (Estonian)
  • #broderie (French)
  • #pointdecroix (French)
  • #kreuzstich (German)
  • #puntocroce (Italian)
  • #クロスステッチ (Japanese)
  • #십자수 (Korean)
  • #pontodecruz (Portugese)
  • #вышивкакрестиком (Russian)
  • #puntodecruz (Spanish)
  • #korsstygn (Swedish)
  • #etamin (Turkish)

Turn In

All done? Head over to the Discord and find the #quest-turn-in channel and make a single post with a link to your chosen designer's shop or social media. Let us know what stands out to you about their style and if you've seen these same trends in other designers from that country.

You can 'react' to the other entries as a show of encouragement. Or complement and discuss the tutorials in the #quest-chat channel.


Here we have all the players who have completed this quest!

Player Tutorial Link
LilcatfairyRussia/South Korea - Usova Anastasia
AmethystSquidScandinavian - MrsNeilsen, Denmark - NordicAndNice
UngoliaantCzech - Sawako Takizawa
FlowerFoxyJapanese - Biene House
Allie oopSouth African - Mollink Designs
TreenEstonian - StarDesignStore
Bettina LevyIran - Nakh Rangi
SirithreJapanese - Rikizou113
Crowbeak Japanese - Kogin Noir
TrixieFox Italian - Cuore e Batticuore
FroodMadeIt Russian - Natis Crossstitch
RoguexStitches Turkish - Merve Yalçın
Lukira Japanese - Biene House
Decadent Caketress Turkish - Merve Çelik Bul
GothieRussian - М.П. Студия
AlannaFrench - Filanthrope Broderies
Commoncandi1 Turkish - Bulus Design
Softgothlove Brazilian - Rancho do Enxoval Atelier
EnuiMexican - Chio Blanche
DaeraieGerman - Evrosse
SchurschItalian - Lilli Violette
KitannRussian - & Korean - dlwlswn414
AlannahBrazilian - Amor em Ponto Cruz
XSAFFIREXJapanese - Makoto Oozu
CinderJapanese - Saeko Endo and Japanese - Satonobou
Nessie9412South Korean - Ana
MistressMittensBrazil - Mariana Gonçalves
ZindyRussian - OverTri