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Guild Melee
Class Paladin
AlignmentLawful Good
Exp 750
Pattern Design+1


Started as a sailor, as there are no many options for turtles to engage with the world in a professional way. Learned to stitch one night when everyone else was drinking in the pub. I saw a person stitching in a corner and watched them, trying to not be creepy, but honestly staring at someone in public is always weird, especially when one is a turtle. Person asked what I was staring at, I explained I had never seen this magic before. They showed me more. They set me up with beginner supplies for a promise of not staring at them again and for dinner. Thankfully stitching supplies don't take up much room on a boat.

Completed Quests

Quest Turn-in Details
Take InventoryTook inventory of their stash:*Past quest wild card* I downloaded this app, TT117 and logged my floss. Working my way through my fabric to prewash all the black, but it is organized by color, size, and count. I have patterns organized digitally and in physical folders. I bobbinated all my loose floss and started a few project bags. It’s been an afternoon! Screenshot
Specialty PracticeIzynation SpecialtyPractice.jpg14 count oatmeal aida, dmc floss, and colors as called for by the pattern. I really like how half rhodes stitches look and once I got used to them, they weren't all that bad to stitch. Pattern
Design: Seasons StitchingIzynation Design Seasons Stitching.jpgI attempted a Blackwork snowflake. 14 count with French knots, because why not. Figured it could be done in a metallic thread to make it more fun. Edit: I tried to stitch it and it looks so bad. Please do not attempt this one. I need to work on a better one for sure.
Needle Minder ManiaIzynation Needle Minder Mania.jpgNeedle Minder Mania
Color KaleidoscopeIzynation Color Kaleidoscope.jpgImagine cropped because it is an adult subject and discord doesn’t have an option to spoiler photos from iOS. I don’t have a normal color pallet for either thread or fabric. So I tried a new floss in a color (silver metallic thread) I’ve never used before and changed colors in a pattern which I’ve never done before. (And sequins for the first time).
Project ProjectionIzynation Project Projection.jpgNot really into due dates, because I’m trying to leave my stitching free and relaxing since I panic about due dates enough at work and with my book blog. This includes my WIP and all the stuff I’ve been putting off that I want to finish this year.
Stitch Spot - Away From HomeIzynationStitchSpot-AwayFromHome.jpgI stitch at my office a lot. I work in a law office so I can’t show you most of my office due to confidentiality, so here is my computer which is clearly on Facebook, because I was slacking off!
KonMari ChallengeIzynationKonMari Challenge.pngwell I forgot to take a picture before I boxed it up. It has all my variegated floss (I hate the stuff), a few kits I will never do, and some random fabrics. Someone in a cross stitching group said that they had lost their job and their daughter was using cross stitch to cope with all the changes. So I offered to send a box of cross stitching supplies so her daughter wouldn’t have to lose her coping while things settled down. Other craft supplies I donated to the local juvenile county jail, since they get no art unless supplies are donated (the teacher is also a volunteer). So I generally grab clearance items and convince others to destash to the county jail.
Fabulous FabricIzynationFabulousFabric.jpgthere is another spot that is just scraps and odd stuff like roller blind fabric (yes, the stuff from those weird curtains that were popular in the 90s in the US. Great for stitching bookmarks)

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