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Guild Magic
Class Wizard
AlignmentLawful Good
Exp 550


Completed Quests

Quest Turn-in Details
Artist Studies: Durene JonesKitann Studies DureneJones.jpgPattern When I first looked at her patterns I felt like none of them were my style but then I found this one that I liked. Working on it made me enjoy her style a lot more, especially the way she uses backstitching. I only used it to outline shapes until now, but I think in the future I will consider using it to accent the work too. One thing I didn't enjoy were the french knots, but they look nice in the end.
Stitch SpotKitann StitchSpot.jpgUsually it's my desk while I watch something on youtube or netflix, or play a game with long cutscenes. I like to keep the pattern either on paper or open in excel if I made it myself, so I can mark it as I go. My floss is in a box under my desk, and whatever I'm using for the current project goes into my re-used ferrero rocher box which turned out to be the perfect size.
Topsy TurvyKitann TopsyTurvy.jpgI usually do each X as I go so I decided to do a line of /// and then go back to do the top \. I learnt that that is called the Danish method and that I am way neater doing long lines of one colour using that method! I think I'll use it for backgrounds in the future. It makes things difficult when you have to jump around and change colours often. This month is also an extra challenge for me because this is my first totally self-drafted pattern! Was really fun to make, and not as difficult as expected.
Revisit a UFOKitann RevisitUFO.jpgAt the start of this quest I didn't have a UFO so I did a pattern that's been on my wishlist for a long time. It did become a UFO while working on it though because I had to wait two weeks for new thread to arrive! Love the way it turned out, except that I started on bright white aida, think I should have gone for more of an oatmeal colour.
Take InventoryTook inventory of their stash:Stash Airtable I didn't track my fabrics or patterns at all in the past, and I had a spreadsheet of my floss colours but wasn't very happy with it since I have a mix of Anchor and DMC and didn't find a way to track both in one spreadsheet in a way I was happy with using excel. [{Sirithre]]'s quest turn-in inspired me to use the website she does since I can have several spreadsheets in one place. Now I have taken an inventory and tracked everything! Next up is adding a wishlist page for patterns...but that's dangerous.
International StyleTraveled the world and discovered:I originally searched for Korean cross-stitchers since I speak the language, but in the hashtag I found this design that I really love the style of by a Russian cross-stitcher, I love seeing these classical art pieces in a simple pixel art style. As far as I can tell from the google translate they sell clothes with the design stitched on and not the design itself. If they do sell the designs I will see if I can buy one. I did find a Korean cross-stitcher who makes these cute fridge magnets on plastic canvas and her first post reminded me of snacks and foods I miss from when I lived there, dlwlswn414. The other posts by Koreans seemed to to designs that fall into the two categories I'm not a big fan of: a) too cute, b) too realistic. I hope I can find a Korean designer with a style I enjoy in the future!

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