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Guild Magic
Class Cleric
AlignmentTrue Neutral
Exp 1850
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    Stitch Speed+1
    Pattern Design+2


    Completed Quests

    Quest Turn-in Details
    Color SwapLilcatfairy ColorSwap.jpgPicture This Plus 14ct Aida Haunted. Pattern
    Color TheoryLilcatfairy ColorTheory.jpgInspired by my favorite monster in Monster Hunter Malfestio. DMC 310, 312, 445, 666, 794, 964, 3838, Blanc.
    Design: Inspired by ColorLilcatfairy Design InspiredByColor.jpgInspired by PicoTala's color palette
    Unique TechniquesDiscovered a Tutorial for:How to Make a Chinese Lantern
    Artist Studies: Durene JonesLilcatfairy Studies DureneJones.jpgPattern I really liked the grays she used it the bat. It was subtle but I think it added a lot to the bat. I was really nervous doing so much back stitching, I haven’t done this much in a long time. I watched a ton of how to videos, I was probably overthinking it. But I do think it made a huge difference and really makes the stars pop.
    Stitch SpotLilcatfairy StitchSpot.jpgThis is also my tv spot. My cat will usually sit on the arm next to me while I stitch, she finds it very fascinating. I always have a cup of tea next to me, and the pillow I use to prop up my work while I stitch, my sister made it years ago.
    Topsy TurvyLilcatfairy TopsyTurvy.jpgThis was frustrating. I usually do / then \ . I did one color a day to help my sanity. Also my first time stitching on canvas, wow that wears out you hands fast! I have much respect for you all that stitch on it on a regular basis. The pattern is from the Stardew Valley Cross Stitch book, I swapped pretty much all the colors for whatever I had because I didn’t want to do an order with everything going on.
    Stash SystemDiscovered organization inspiration:Needle Minder Organisation I was trying to find something a bit different. I don’t actually own any needle minders yet but I think the idea of using tins is cute.
    Revisit a UFOLilcatfairy RevisitUFO.jpgThis is the project I work on in between quests and my only UFO. I’m excited how much progress I made this month, only the back stitching and border are left. Pattern
    Take InventoryTook inventory of their stash:Thread Excel Spreadsheet Had my husband help with making a spreadsheet. He showed me how to make it so I can toggle between all the DMC threads or just the ones I own.
    Unconventional CanvasLilcatfairy UnconventionalCanvas.jpgThis is a chair I use in the office sometimes. I used some yarn I had laying around when I was trying to learn how to crochet. It actually came out better than I expected, thinking of doing another heart on the other side.
    Scissor SoireeLilcatfairy ScissorSoiree.jpgBasically when I started stitching again late last year I bought a pack that had 3 scissors included. Nothing really interesting. I keep eyeing those tiny seki scissors on Etsy though and hope to add them to my collection.
    Prepare to DyeLilcatfairy Prepare to Dye.jpgI used rite dye royal blue for the piece on the right and tried tea dyeing for the one on the left. A pretty fun and surprisingly quick process.
    International StyleTraveled the world and discovered:Russian designer living in South Korea, Russia/South Korea - Usova Anastasia. Not gonna lie, I just copied the Japanese international hashtag through Instagram and scrolled until something caught my eye. I really liked the artists gentle style and almost soft like patterns. Also cats It does seem to be a theme with a lot of the cross stitch I saw under that hashtag. I’m excited to explore some of the other ones to add to my cross stitch following.
    Blackwork ResearchResearched Blackwork and discovered:Mini Tin Box Blackwork I spent the morning looking through Etsy to see what spoke to me. There are some beautiful patterns I found but I wanted something a bit simpler since I already have several WIP. I found this and was excited thinking I can make it into a gift for a friend since the holidays will be here before we know it.
    Bewitching BlackworkLilcatfairy BewitchingBlackwork.jpgI chose a simple design that I still managed to miscount and screw up(originally made the border to big). I stitched 2 over 1 on 14 ct, which after I was done I was like wait...was it supposed to be only using 1 thread. So yeah here it is. It’s the same pattern I picked out last month, it’s going to go on top of a small trinket box
    Petite PatternsFound a small pattern to stitch:I’m also going to stitch from the Stardew Valley Cross Stitch Book. I know I bought the thread for the orange kitty awhile back so I’m going to pick that.
    Speedy StitchingLilcatfairy SpeedyStitching.jpgThe pattern I used is the curled up kitty from the Stardew Valley Cross Stitch book. It took me 1hr26minutes to stitch 172 stitches. Which works out to be about 2 stitches a minute or about 120 an hour if my math is correct. I didn’t have many distractions so I’m sure I’m usually much slower with linen and with my usual phone and tv distractions.
    Specialty StudyFound a tutorial:Beading I picked adding beads to a stitch since it’s something I’ve been interested for awhile, and I’m taking part in my first SAL that I know will incorporate them later on.
    Something SpecialLilcatfairySomethingSpecial.pngBought one of those packs where you get odds and ends of fabric early last year. I always want to hoard it for the “perfect project” but just went for it thanks to this quest and I’ve been itching to make a biscornu, not quite finished yet but it’s coming together fast. Pattern on Sirithre’s Patreon Pattern Link
    Fabulous FabricLilcatfairyFabulousFabric.jpgIt’s not much but maybe one day I’ll have more.
    Friendly FrogLilcatfairyFriendly Frog.jpgThis was originally supposed to be the statue of endless fortune from the stardew valley cross stitch book. I didn’t like the coverage so I ended up re stitching it but never frogged the original. I’ll be honest I hate frogging so I was just going to throw it away but this quest came up and it gave me an excuse to practice my frogging skills

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