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Guild Magic
Class Wizard
AlignmentTrue Neutral
Exp 1700
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    Stitch Speed+1
    Pattern Design+2


    Completed Quests

    Quest Turn-in Details
    Color SwapLukira ColorSwap.jpgStitched 2 over 1 on 14ct opal aida Pattern
    Color TheoryLukira ColorTheory.jpgPastel rainbow: All DMC colors: 318, 3609, 754, 745, 164, 809, 155, 415
    Design: Inspired by ColorLukira Design InspiredByColor.jpgCactus pattern; inspired by Zindy's color palette.
    Unique TechniquesDiscovered a Tutorial for:How to Frame Cross Stitch in a Hoop
    Artist Studies: Durene JonesLukira Studies DureneJones.jpgPattern Had to swap some colors, so my leaves are a little darker. It's not my first time using backstitch but this one is quite different because it really gives a sketchy look.
    Stitch SpotLukira StitchSpot.jpgI'm basically stitching and living in a mess, usually tucked under my blanket and watching series or dubbed anime so I don't have to pay too much attention. I'm also drinking a lot of tea while stitching but I often forget that I made some until it gets cold
    Topsy TurvyLukira TopsyTurvy.jpgPattern I usually do my stitches from bottom left to top right and then bottom right to top left. So I switched that up a little and stitched \ first and then /.

    I actually didn't make any mistakes but it took a lot more concentration than usual. It also looks a bit messier, especially the back :D but that could also be because I stitched in hand which I never do unless I'm using plastic canvas.

    I will definitely not change my way of stitching but it was fun to try! :)
    Revisit a UFOLukira RevisitUFO.jpgPattern - Started this pattern in early 2018 and haven't really touched it in over a year. Don't really know why because I love the design but the size and full coverage is really overwhelming. When I picked it back up this month, I set myself a goal to reach the bottom of the page of the 3 column I've started. I hope to work on it more often from now, seeing the progress is really motivating :3
    Take InventoryTook inventory of their stash:Thread Inventory Excel Sheet I'm using an excel sheet to keep track of all my floss colors. After every order I just add a "1" to the colors I own. I can also check for colors on the right, just need to enter all the numbers of a pattern and it shows me wether I own them or not
    Unconventional CanvasLukira UnconventionalCanvas.jpgI've had my soluble canvas laying around for quite some time now and finally had the opportunity to use it :) Stitching on shoes is kinda hard and it took much longer than normal fabric but I think it's really worth it :3 Didn't use a real pattern and just looked at the original game sprites.
    Scissor SoireeLukira ScissorSoiree.jpgOnly have a small collection but I plan to expand it :D I pretty much only use the stork one though
    Prepare to DyeLukira Prepare to Dye.jpgAfter some attempts with different teas I like this one best :) It's 18ct aida and I scrunched it up with some hair ties. Then I let it soak overnight in black & redbush tea. I used about 4 heaped teaspoons for ~400ml.
    International StyleTraveled the world and discovered:Biene House Found a japanese cross stitch designer via Google and saw they also have an Instagram account :3 thankfully Google has an autotranslate option. They have very simple but cute designs and I really like those with traditional japanese motifs :3
    Artist Studies: Ink CirclesLukira Studies InkCircles.jpgFound this among their freebies and thought it would be a great opportunity to use my variegated threads. Stitched two over two on 25ct Lugana
    Blackwork ResearchResearched Blackwork and discovered:Blackwork Eggs and Bowl It's quite unlikely for me to choose a pattern that's not nerdy :D But I'm just impressed how the threads are being used to create some kind of shadow and depth. Haven't tried blackwork yet but I'm really looking forward to it, seeing all the cool stuff you can do with it.
    Bewitching BlackworkLukira BewitchingBlackwork.jpgDuring the sale last month I finally got the Lugia and Hooh pattern from my wishlist and got some matching silver lurex aida in 14ct. The blackwork was definitely a trial and error but it got easier and I really want to finish it and also do Hooh later :3
    Petite PatternsFound a small pattern to stitch:I really want to make some fridge magnets soon, so the petite quest is perfect for that. Had this pattern on my wishlist for an eternity and I'd really like to stitch them soon :3 Legend of Zelda - Six Medallions
    Speedy StitchingLukira SpeedyStitching.jpgIt's the first time I measured my stitch speed and I really thought it would be faster. The Light Medallion took me 1h 50min and the Forest Medallion 1h 40min with 292 stitches each. That makes an average for 167stitches/h. Pattern
    Needle Minder ManiaLukira Needle Minder Mania.jpgMost of them are self made from pins or stitched on plastic canvas. But I still have a never ending wishlist for new needle minders on Etsy :D
    Project ProjectionLukira Project Projection.jpgOn the left side are my current WIPs, on the other side are new projects I definitely want to start this year. There are actually a ton of other projects I want to start but I wanted to keep it realistic :D
    Stitch Spot - Away From HomeLukiraStitchSpot-AwayFromHome.jpgFirst time stitching outside since I moved here. Without people I would have stitched inside of that small temple :D even had a chat with a nice stranger who was interested in my stitching. I'll definitely go here more often :3

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