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Guild Magic
Class Warlock
Exp 600
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    Pattern Design+2


    Completed Quests

    Quest Turn-in Details
    Color SwapMadHatter ColorSwap.jpg3 over 1, 14 ct plastic canvas Pattern
    Color TheoryMadHatter ColorTheory.jpgDMC 900, 742, 312, 702, 958, 598
    Design: Inspired by ColorMadHatter Design InspiredByColor.jpgPenguin, inspired by Keth119's palette ; PDF!
    Unique TechniquesDiscovered a Tutorial for:How to Sew a Dice Bag
    Stitch SpotMadHatter StitchSpot.jpgI typically sit at my desk when I stitch. That way I can watch streams, movies or just YouTube while I stitch. I have my handy stitch cart next to me with everything I need for projects that easy to roll up when I need or roll away for more room
    Topsy TurvyMadHatter TopsyTurvy.jpgI normally stitch / and then . I went \ first this time and / after. I found it mostly ok but got messed up a few times. Pattern from Stardew Valley Cross Stitch book
    Stash SystemDiscovered organization inspiration:Fabric StorageCurrently I don't have any sensible system for my fabric. I also don't have shelf space to stack or put my fabric. But I do have closet hanger space. I like the idea of being able to have different multi hangers for different colors or styles all available at a glance.
    Blackwork ResearchResearched Blackwork and discovered:Harry Potter Blackwork So while looking. At so many different patterns I found a number that I might do at some point. I feel like black work gives off a very delicate vibe which I interested in trying out soon.

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