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About the Guild


The Magic guild is a place for all who dabble in the art of needlecraft. While many may think we aren't as swift or as strong as others, we excel in taking project ideas and transforming them into something extraordinary.

It isn't just about how we stitch, presentation and how we express our craft is also important! We magic users have a talent in bending patterns to our will and may even delve into the alchemy of hand dyeing fabric and thread to help our project truly shine.

The Magic Guild's Recipe for Success


  • A design that sparks passion in you
  • A pinch of magical flourish
  • A technique that inspires you to finish


  1. Enjoy the journey without fear of failure
  2. Embrace your mistakes along the way
  3. Find new, creative flair to add to your recipe on the fly
  4. Assist those who are afraid to stitch along the way
  5. Share your work to inspire others, and credit those whose work inspired yours
  6. Keep practicing your magic and understand that this growth is for skill, and perfection is a myth.

Guild Hall


The Magic guild is located towards the edge of the city, near a magical forest that sprawls outwards of the city and deeper into the land beyond Stitchwind. The entrance appears to be an only slightly larger than normal patisserie on the edge of the forest, with multiple colorful pastries, cakes, and sweets displayed in the front.

Ocassionally a passerby will spot a stitcher in the window, working on a project with a cup and sometimes they swear, they see a tiny little dragon sneak a peek. One of the many features of the guild’s front is a cute patio area, with patio umbrellas, chairs, and convenient guild pouches for stitching, people watching and enjoying the days outdoors.

Leading into the back, there is a kitchen run by pastry golems, who work with the magic flowing throughout the guild. MagicGuildHallCakeGolem.png

When inside the shop, a side wall has a massive mural, painted to feature a lush, immersive garden with a central fountain. At the edges, strangely decorated doors can be seen if one peered closely enough.

Not many people outside the guild come to the shop, or stay much longer than necessary to buy some pastries, the city being too busy to truly keep themselves in the presence of so much sugar.

If they did, they might have seen people walk straight into that wall and disappear. But, if they are truly walking into the painted garden, the person steps into a grand courtyard garden, with a large fountain that as one approaches, magical liquid continuously flows from it. Taking a simple cup from its edge, the drinker will notice the liquid tastes whatever the drinker wants it to taste like.

This area appears to be one of the major meeting areas for the guild, with multiple benches and sitting areas around the sides of the fountains and lining the doors. The partially covered doors, hidden by the foliage unless one was peering for them, will lead members to multiple areas and all sorts of rooms.

From one door, a massive library spanning further than the appeared space it should contain emerges. There are walls of books, lined with arcane, embroidery and all sorts of knowledge shelved in them. Cozy chairs, stitching spots, and tables are placed in areas surrounded by lights. The scampering of claws on hardwood, metal and tile, denote the tiny librarian dragons will fetch books for ORTs, resting upon stitchers as they work, watching for more thread to hoard away. Their various shapes and lengths allow for them to pull and set books, and even allow for the stitchers of the guild to help repair them as needed. More dragons scamper about, uniquely colored and flashing, made of various materials that lounge more with their owners, huffing little puffs of magic air to warm their feet, or aid them in finding needles.

A large door to one side, framed by the library’s books, bring the wanderer through to an entryway, stairways spiraling and branching out to corridors where the dormitories of the guild members rest, each door shining brightly with the unique magic and decorations that fit its occupant.

Another set of doors will find a member in a lab, filled with potions, threads, and cloth that are for dye works. The brewing potions are always consistently checked, the materials and equipment kept clean by magic and there are multiple windows that open to the garden, where plants and herbs can be gathered.


Further into the guild, the great hall with long tables, chairs, and magical tableware rests for the daily meals shared by the guild. Even more doors, with their functions stated, bring in the fact there are incubation rooms for the dragons, classrooms for magic, stitching and general learning, and the large observatory that allows the multiple members to gather at night.

In the café, there is a large board with listings, quests and adventure titles, notes from the Guild, and the times for lessons or important updates within the Guild will appear only before the Guild members, looking to non-members as a fancy painting of a dragon, griffon, manticore, and a unicorn sleeping.


Guild Leaders

Guild Members


  • Guild Hall Entrance drawn by Softgothlove
  • Cake Golem and Guild crest drawn by Zindy
  • Interior room drawn by Softgothlove
  • Guild recipe and Headquarters spawned by brainstorming with the entire guild, and lovingly put together into words by Decadent Caketress