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About the Guild


The Melee Guild is a place for we brave adventurers battling our way through life with needle and thread at our side.

We take on our projects head on and believe that even just threading our needle brings use one step closer to our crafty goals.

We brave adventurers come to the defense of others and help battle against self doubt, using our battle cries to encourage our teammates to keep moving forward.

Melee Guild Creed

Fighters are quick on their feet and adapt to any patterns they meet,
Barbarians are open with an unarmoured defence, and only rage when frogging makes common sense,
Monks know patience Ki and have the spirit to set all knots free,
Paladins know teamwork is divine and smite unfinished projects at the deadline.

The Melee guild may be big and tough, but we know alone we aren’t enough.
Together inside our guild or outside with others,
We can lean on the strengths of our sisters and brothers.
So when the cross stitch quests get hard to slay, add a melee class to you party today

-Written by Last-Stitch


Guild Leaders

Guild Members