Ness Undertale

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Ness Undertale
Ness Undertale.png
Guild Magic
Class Sorcerer
AlignmentNeutral Good
Exp 1200
Stitch Speed+2


Completed Quests

Quest Turn-in Details
Topsy TurvyNess Undertale TopsyTurvy.jpgor this small stitch, I made an enderdragon egg! Instead of stitching / then \ like i usually do, I did \ and then /. Honestly, I didn't find it that hard - I adapted to the new way of stitching pretty quickly, only messing up a few times. This is probably because I haven't been stitching that long, so my mind isn't fully set on my normal way of stitching. I also added a little bit of backstitch to try and distinguish the layers, and I've never added backstitch to my own custom design before!
Stash SystemDiscovered organization inspiration:Comb Binding floss organization My threads right now are on bobbins, and I don’t think I’ll change that, but I really like this method of organising! It’s quite space efficient and seems really cheap, plus you don’t have to wind all the thread on to bobbins.
Revisit a UFONess Undertale RevisitUFO.jpgI decided to take a quick break from Pokémon to make some progress on my abandoned Undertale Photograph stitch! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to finish it as I am missing two colours, but I filled in several sections and made a few hours of progress on it!
Take InventoryTook inventory of their stash:Project Trello For this quest, I decided to update my Trello board! Before, it had just a small list of some current/planned projects, but it now has every cross stitch project I’ve done organised in chronological order as well as pictures for almost everything! This was very satisfying and made me feel proud of how much progress I’ve made in only around half a year of cross-stitching!
Unconventional CanvasNess Undertale UnconventionalCanvas.jpgI used this quest as an excuse to start stitching on my favourite hoodie! I've stitched Litten and Galarian Ponyta so far, and I plan to stitch all my favourite Pokémon on it!
Scissor SoireeNess Undertale ScissorSoiree.jpgHere we have my standard craft scissors, which are miraculously great at cutting fabric and thread, and my small side-cutters that I use to cut plastic canas!
Prepare to DyeNess Undertale Prepare to Dye.jpgI dyed fabric for the first time ever using 2 fruity teas I had lying around. During the whole drying and mordanting process, the fabric was bright pink but when it dried blue patches appeared! I actually really like the blue speckles, and I'm definitely going to try tea-dyeing more fabrics soon!
Artist Studies: Ink CirclesNess Undertale Studies InkCircles.jpgInk Circles Freebies This one was really fun and easy to stitch! I am kinda of annoyed at myself, because I ended up turning my fabric around as I was stitching and now some of my stitches are facing different directions… but it still looks good, and it was a great excuse to bust out some of the variegated thread I’ve been hoarding!
Blackwork ResearchResearched Blackwork and discovered:Self Designed Blackwork Letter I enjoyed looking around at all the different techniques used in blackwork - the styles differ quite a lot! I really enjoy blackwork, and for my pattern I actually have a small one I designed recently for my friend! I want to design more like this, as I’m really happy with it - perhaps a whole alphabet!
Bewitching BlackworkNess Undertale BewitchingBlackwork.jpgFor this quest I decided to stitch the avatar-inspired blackwork that MMMM found for the blackwork research quest last month! It’s for a friend of mine that really loves ATLA - she’s the one who convinced me to watch it. I’m planning to add all the words to the opening around the piece later! Pattern
Petite PatternsFound a small pattern to stitch:So, I was watching an Undertale play through earlier this year and noticed that the hotel shop background has a menu with little sprites of each food item on it - and naturally, the first thing I thought was ‘I could stitch that!’ So my small pattern is going to be the Starfait! (Made this “pattern” by just cleaning up the sprite from Spriter’s Resource)
Speedy StitchingNess Undertale SpeedyStitching.jpgIn the spirit of stitching fast, I’m submitting this the day after the quest was released. For this quest, I stitched myself a little starfait keychain! The stitching (not including the time it took for me to make it into a keychain) took 2 hours 27 minutes. Dividing that by the number of stitches, I stitched at a speed of about 1.6 stitches/minute!
Specialty PracticeNess Undertale SpecialtyPractice.jpgFor this quest I continued on with my project from the blackwork quest! I learned how to do a french knot for the full stops and dots on the 'i's!
Needle Minder ManiaNess Undertale Needle Minder Mania.jpgThis is my only needle-minder, an enderdragon egg i stitched for a previous quest! I just move it to whatever wip i currently feel like working on. I do want to get more though!

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