Petite Patterns

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Petite Patterns
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Due Date 2020/09/30
Experience 50


With the Magic Festival in full swing, you are amazed with just how much the Magic Guild has put on display. You have continued your lessons with the Guild Leader Siri. The magic you have learned through blackwork has been surprising.

As the Festival has continued, you begin to notice subtle changes. Hints of green can be seen coming in with the city’s supplies. Platforms being built along some of the roof tops. Instrument shops absolutely packed full of bards. You smile to yourself as you piece together what’s likely coming next month.

You wander the city, looking out for any other changes, when you come across a curious sight. A fox sits in front of a pole, but not just any fox. This one has a small pack on its back and a can hanging by its side. As you watch, it takes a brush from its pack and dips it into the can before spreading a paste on the pole. Next comes a flyer from the pack and the fox carefully affixes it to the pole, making sure it sticks completely. Seemingly satisfied with its work, the fox nods.

As if sensing your presence, the fox looks over and spots you with a pair of brilliant blue eyes. You swear you see a mischievous grin and a wink from the fox before it bounds off and disappears from view.

Curious, you step over to the sign and read:

‘Attention Stitchwind! The Agility Guild is looking to expand our collection of small patterns...for reasons. All types wanted and welcome. Thank you!’

You think for a moment and know of at least one small pattern you can contribute. You head off back to your home, eager to collect up the pattern and help with the growing collection.

Your Quest

Rumors abound of the Agility guild's festival next month and you want to be prepared.

Your goal these next two weeks is to find a small pattern you can practice with. Like, super small. Finish-in-an-hour-or-less small. 15x15 small (Or 16x16... looking at you Stardew crops). Or around 200 stitches. At the very least, something you can easily finish in a single sitting.

Ideally not full coverage, and something with at least a couple of color changes.

It could be a whole pattern or you could just single out a specific part of a larger pattern. Something you might potentially want to stitch multiple times. ;) You could also choose to make your own design if you'd like!

Again, side quests do NOT need to be stitched. Wait until next month.


We can't really give you a bunch of resources for this without just giving you a list of patterns to pick from. You're mainly going to be googling things or searching on social media. But to help, we've included a few to give you an idea of the size of patterns you should be looking for:

Turn In

All done? Head over to the Discord and find the #quest-turn-in channel and make a single post with a link to your chosen pattern. This should be directly to the designer's shop or website, not a Pinterest link or direct pattern.

You can 'react' to the other entries as a show of encouragement. Or complement and discuss the designs in the #quest-chat channel.


Here we have all the players who have completed this quest!

Player Pattern Link
Ness UndertaleStarfait
AuroraLeeCute Hedgehog
AlannahChristmas Skull
Allie oopTARDIS
Spooky SqueeksDNA
ungoliaantStardew Blobfish
AmethystSquidStitchonomy 2020 Halloween Stitchalong
Robotic OnionGumball Machine
GothieMounted Butterflys and Moths
ZindyBaby Dragon
leilanyPusheens 1 & 2
TreenCommon Microbes
LilcatfairyStardew Orange Kitty
TybieleeFront Loader
LukiraLegend of Zelda Medallions
FroodMadeItStardew Valley Cross Stitch Book Minis
Day StitcherStardew Survival Burger
Bettina LevyUndertale Cross Stitch Book Minis
TrixieFoxTiny Bows
Nessie9412Stardew Pumpkin and Jack O' Lantern
RoguexStitchesAlola Starters
FlaminkuhCardcaptor Sakura Pixel Badges
Commoncandi1Stardew Blackberry
TiffanySims Plumbob
EnuiUntitled Goose
OliverPixel Hearts by Cynthia Fournier
nickostitchPokemon Egg
Decadent CaketressMokona
Aivilo611Undertale Mini Sans
FlowerFoxyFloral Pattern
MistressMittensIt's You I Like