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Guild Magic
Class Sorcerer
AlignmentNeutral Good
Exp 450
Stitch Speed+2


Completed Quests

Quest Turn-in Details
Artist Studies: Durene JonesSfrisk Studies DureneJones.jpgPattern Had to get creative with some colors due to social isolation (I ended up only having the white/black/darkest pink color in my collection). First time doing a french knot, which was exciting! It was interesting to see how much a backstitch could change the look/feel of a pattern. I normally don't do anything but the standard cross stitch, and adding the backstitch to this piece seemed to totally transform it and give it more of an illustration quality.
Topsy TurvySfrisk TopsyTurvy.jpgPattern Normally I am a \ / stitcher so I did the reverse for this one. First half of the project involved a fair bit of concentration to not find myself accidentally go back into my usual habits. Still a lot of fun!
Stash SystemDiscovered organization inspiration:How to Orgaise Floss with Hanging System I thought this hanging filing system to be really cool, being able to have a top down approach to seeing exactly what numbers were in a row (in some ways probably a faster lookup system then thread organized by number in a box where you still have to look at colors from the side.) Also the thread looks pretty hanging together! Definitely set up for a larger stash than what I currently have!
Speedy StitchingSfrisk SpeedyStitching.jpgMade a tiny little sailor mercury themed magnet since I am making a bunch for a friend for christmas. Pixel art from Lycentia

Colors: 3 Stitches: 120

Time: 40 minutes
Project ProjectionSfrisk Project Projection.jpgI tend to really like kanban styled boards to keep track of what sort of projects I want to do and if I have supplies I need for it. I'll admit, there are a collection of random stardew cross stitch projects I have going on not on the list, that tend to be a "I'm in a meeting for a few hours, and I want an easy win/something to keep my hands occupied" (I use GitKraken Boards for my planning)

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