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Guild Agility
Class Bard
AlignmentChaotic Good
Exp 1050
Stitch Speed+1


Completed Quests

Quest Turn-in Details
Artist Studies: Durene JonesSheWhoRoars Studies DureneJones.jpgPattern I chose this pattern because I thought the flowers would be closer to what I like to stitch than some of her other patterns, but I have mild regret that I didnt choose one with exciting backstitching, as those all look so nice x3
Stitch SpotSheWhoRoars StitchSpot.jpgI do most of my stitching at my desk :3 the blanket on the side is cause if I dont have a blanket nearby for my cat, he will leave my bes and lay on my keyboard. The lights also really yellow, that wall is offwhite XD but I keep all my plastic thinga with floss on the floor next to the desk, and behind me is my tv tray full of plants x3
Topsy TurvySheWhoRoars TopsyTurvy.jpgUsually I do the stitches all /// and thrn cross, but this time I did each x individually. I also used the cotton perler thread instead of the six strand for the ecru bit :3 tbh I think that doing the full x is kind of nice when doing tiny things on the plastic, but I def dont think I would use it for a normally filled piece. I also had like zero control over how the butt looked at first, and it didnt get much better as we went lol Pattern
Revisit a UFOSheWhoRoars RevisitUFO.jpgAt the start of the month this was the only project I really had going, so I worked on her :3 Not as much progress as I would have liked, cause I started my swap and a gift for a friend, but in general, I love how she looks, and she can fit in my purse, so she'll be done before tooooo long x3
Take InventoryTook inventory of their stash:Custom Thread Inventory Program - Currently, this is the best screenshot I can get of my stash catalogue lol my bf wrote me a program cause he was bored. But we don't have a thing that shows a list of the threads I have yet, just search functions so if I want to know if I have one, I can search for the specific number. But I finally got all of my stash entered in!
Scissor SoireeSheWhoRoars ScissorSoiree.jpgI know I have more floating around, but these are my desk scissors that keep me company
Prepare to DyeSheWhoRoars Prepare to Dye.jpgThe bigger piece is going to be my first time on evenweave, and the smaller one is 22ct hardanger, which I dont know how that's different than aida since they look the same, but that's what the lable says. I used Rits aquamarine dye! The smaller one turned out a bit splotchy bc I tried to pull some peaks up out of the bath to see how that would look.
Artist Studies: Ink CirclesSheWhoRoars Studies InkCircles.jpgThis is as far as I got this month, but its their kitchenaid pattern! I'm going to use more pastel shades to fill it in than they did bc it's going to be for my sister and she loooves pastel kitchen aid things. I like how each little shape I can do a full loop on, and it makes it really easy to keep the back tidy
Blackwork ResearchResearched Blackwork and discovered:Dungeons and Dragons Blackwork This pattern is one that someone shared a while back, but I freaking love it and am planning on starting it here before too long. I'm planning on doing probably a very dark pattern for the pattern, but then different item specific colors and tiny blackwork fill patterns to fill the shapes in. This also means I'll probably stitch it on evenweave so I can get those little tiny patterns. Something I found a lot while looking at blackwork was how little I know about how to use it for shading. So I might try to do some variation on this and have a "light source" somewhere so I can also practice shading with blackwork
Bewitching BlackworkSheWhoRoars BewitchingBlackwork.jpgThis is that dnd pattern that a bunch of people are doing XD But on linen that I didn't realize was uneven until I started stitching on it. So, I'm probably going to scrap this and start over on a different piece of fabric lol but the geometric shapes have been fun, and now I know my method for it for try #2
Petite PatternsFound a small pattern to stitch:These little pokeballs I'm going to use as a pixel reference to eyeball out some patterns for these guys :3 They're all 12x12 and I think they will eventually be keychains <3
Speedy StitchingSheWhoRoars SpeedyStitching.jpgThese took me about an hour and 45 minutes, which I think comes to a little over two stitches a minute! Which is pretty slow compared to some times, but I also only stitch while doing other stuff like watching movies or playing games, so I guess it isnt the worst time. Pixel art

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