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Exp 1800
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    Stitch Speed+1
    Pattern Design+2

    Completed Quests

    Quest Turn-in Details
    Color SwapSirithre ColorSwap.jpg2 over 1 (1 strand backstitch), 14 count aida Pattern
    Color TheorySirithre ColorTheory.jpgBased on my 2019 planner. DMC 602, 603, 3821, 913, 3810, 3848, 939, and B5200
    Design: Inspired by ColorSirithre Design InspiredByColor.jpgPeacock design based on AzureKoi's palette.
    Unique TechniquesDiscovered a Tutorial for:How to Make a Cross Stitch Pocket Mirror
    Artist Studies: Durene JonesSirithre Studies DureneJones.jpgPattern

    I learned that backstitch is more effective when it doesn't follow the lines of the stitches. Like the whole point is to be able to create shapes stitches just can't do. Like spirals. and points. Also that it doesn't have to completely outline something to give the illusion of that shape. ...and that checkerboard patterns are annoying to stitch =P It also reminded me I should play with beads more. They're fun.

    Bonus: I tried a new finishing technique!
    Stitch SpotSirithre StitchSpot.jpgI do a lot of stitching up in my sunroom or at work. But lately due to working from home, I've been doing most of my stitching in my home office. I love this space and had been complaining for a while I only ever got to use this space on the weekends. Although this is not the way I wanted it to happen, I am grateful to be able to put this space to the test. Next order of business is definitely a new chair.
    Topsy TurvySirithre TopsyTurvy.jpgWell that took twice as long as usual. But here's my topsy turvy egg. I normally stitch / then . So I started with \ this time and my brain hurts. After seeing Ness working with the Cosmo 9016 I had to do a bit of my own. :) Pattern
    Stash SystemDiscovered organization inspiration:Cartonnage storage box One thing I would love to get into one day is making my own, custom sized storage using 'cartonnage' techniques.
    Revisit a UFOSirithre RevisitUFO.jpgI'm putting this away now. I pick it up every few years just to be reminded of how much I dislike linen, confetti, and full coverage stitches. :rofl:

    Luckily I did this on 28 count with tent stitches, so it goes by much faster. But still. This small bit took SIX HOURS, and believe it or not used 5 colors. (no that beige is not one solid block. it's like... checkerboarded. But not even consistently. Just... speckled. Bleh.

    See you again in 2 years, I guess. When I can get into some of the fun bits.
    Take InventoryTook inventory of their stash:Pattern Airtable So today I sat down and took forever inventorying my Pattern collection. Well. The physical print ones and digital ones I paid for. For obvious reasons I did not include my own designs, or the 5GB of free patterns I've saved over the last 20 years. =P
    Unconventional CanvasSirithre UnconventionalCanvas.jpgI waited kinda last minute for this, but ended up stitching on my watch band. There wasn't much room for a design so I just alternated colors. Intentionally sparse coverage so as to not add too much bulk under the band when wearing it. Overall I'm happy with it.
    Scissor SoireeSirithre ScissorSoiree.jpgAll the scissors in my craft room. My favorite is of course my ornately sheathed, dagger-like scissors. Even if it is cumbersome to use.
    Prepare to DyeSirithre Prepare to Dye.jpgBottom row is chai black tea. Top row is Berry Cherry kool-aid. My favorites are the two in the leftmost column.
    International StyleTraveled the world and discovered:I'm constantly blown away with how creative Japanese stitchers are with their finishing techniques. From turning them into purses, elaborate 3D shadow boxes, or tiny stamp-shaped frames. As an example, rikizou113 has been making 3D bento box straps lately, and they're amazingly cute!
    Artist Studies: Ink CirclesSirithre Studies InkCircles.jpgInk Circles Freebies So I decided I'd take this opportunity to finish a WIP I started... idk when, probably around 2012. I've always been fascinated by celtic knots and how they weave around itself, and had started the 2007 September knot. I had only gotten the border done back then, so I did the knotwork and assembly this month. I found it entertaining to use a variegated thread and just follow the knotwork path rather than doing a section at a time. :) Turns out past me miscounted the border. So it wasn't even square! I had to kinda flub it when it came to centering and aseembly, but I think it turned out fine!
    Blackwork ResearchResearched Blackwork and discovered:Blackwork Mosaic Needle Book & Scissor Fob Been meaning to do this for a while. I tend to be drawn to more 'sampler' style blackwork patterns for some reason. Just various examples of patterns that can be used to fill in patterns later. And this looks like a fun needlebook project to keep those patterns on hand for reference!
    Bewitching BlackworkSirithre BewitchingBlackwork.jpgFor this quest I started on the StormsStitches Blackwork Mosaic Needle Book. I really struggled with this. Some of the motifs were fun, but I found the really busy fiddly ones to just be super tedious. I eventually stubborned through it all, but I'll probably take a long break before I assemble it or make the additional bits for within the book. Stitched using 1 strand of Cosmo Seasons 9016
    Petite PatternsFound a small pattern to stitch:To little surprise, I'm gonna be tackling some Ansitru designs next month. So my tiny patterns be PIES. ...I might reduce colors a bit to make them more manageable though. (Sorry Astrid)
    Speedy StitchingSirithre SpeedyStitching.jpgFor my speed test I stitched some of Ansitrus Pies!

    Pumpkin Pie: 59 min; 229 s/hr Pie à la mode: 44 min; 241 s/hr Key Lime Pie: 49 min; 239 s/hr

    I've been in a stitchy rut and haven't stitched much in weeks, so my usual rate has definitely slowed down. I didn't quite get up to my usual 250 an hour, but averaged out around 236 or 4 stitches a minute. Not bad. It also took about 10 minutes each to cut out and back the two plastic canvas magnets/needleminders. Pattern
    Specialty StudyFound a tutorial:For my specialty stitch I wanted to look into the Algerian Eyelet Stitch. Most of the tutorials I found were about the embroidery stitch, which is not the point of this quest. But eventually I found a basic illustration on how it works on aida and linen instead.
    Needle Minder ManiaSirithre Needle Minder Mania.jpgI mostly use biscornu tbh, but I do have a few needleminders. And there's a random pin drum and humbug in there too. Not pictured: the 20+ stardew crops that are on my fridge instead, and the stock of 30 or so of each of the guild minders I haven't sold yet
    Something SpecialSirithreSomethingSpecial.pngI went all out on this!

    Using this light purple aida I'd been trying to figure out what to stitch on it. Used Diamant (gold) for the first time; Finally finding a use for the kreinik 095 (rainbow). Breaking in the Cosmo Seasons 9001 that's been in my collection for 4+ years. And unsealing that vial of iridescent beads that has been in my stash for at least 8. And some star beads (top and bottom) for the centre. Everything else I'd used before, albeit sparingly. But is still all definitely specialty thread. :sparkles:

    Pattern by @Rainy in #free-patterns ; though I replaced literally every color.
    Fabulous FabricSirithreFabulousFabric.jpgOther than some perforated paper and a roll of vinyl aida, I think that's everything that doesn't have at least a WIP on it. :thinking: Including my plastic bag of random small scraps

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