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Guild Magic
Class Cleric
AlignmentTrue Neutral
Exp 1700
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    Stitch Speed+1
    Pattern Design+2


    Name: Lilith
    Race: Tiefling
    Class: Cleric
    Born: ????
    Mother: A lawful evil devil that is known for making pacts with those in high power
    Father: A chaotic neutral human with Fey ties (was able to out charisma a fey for power) a current high noble

    Backstory: Lilith was abandoned as just a babe at the entrance of the church of yondala, the goddess of protection and fertility. Having been laid in a shield, the goddesses symbol, and possessing the horns of a goat, a symbol of fertility, the sisters of the church took her in.

    Lilith is quite naive and unaware of much of the world, not even knowing her own race. The sisters of the church instilled lessons of peace and kindness into her from a young age and she often strives to help care for others.

    As she grew it became apparent that liliths magic was quite strong and tied to that of her patron goddess and could be used in many ways. The sisters of the church taught her how to weave her magic into tapestries and small pieces that can be given to others to bestow small blessings, though many people reject them based upon her devil heritage assuming they are inherently cursed.

    Lilith is currently on a journey across the lands to learn new magics and techniques to weave into her pieces and to spread yondalas love through blessings and encouragement of others.

    Completed Quests

    Quest Turn-in Details
    Color SwapSoftgothlove ColorSwap.jpg3 over 1 on 16 count aida. Pattern
    Color TheorySoftgothlove ColorTheory.jpgDMC: 34, 726, 993, 562, 760
    Design: Inspired by ColorSoftgothlove Design InspiredByColor.jpg"Build a Ladder" ; Inspired by Sirithre's color palette. PDF
    Unique TechniquesDiscovered a Tutorial for:How to Frame Properly
    Artist Studies: Durene JonesSoftgothlove Studies DureneJones.jpgPattern I really enjoyed trying the patchwork pattern from durene Jones. The pattern itself is very simple but draws the eyes in towards the center. I liked how she balanced the colors and how the shades seem to almost blend together. I used this pattern as an oppertunity go make my first ever biscornu with black work embroidery on the back :)
    Stitch SpotSoftgothlove StitchSpot.jpgMy two crafting spaces, my cozy recliner nest, and my little streaming setup in the room
    Topsy TurvySoftgothlove TopsyTurvy.jpgI love how my little egg turned out! Accidentally did the tiffany blue so the gold is even more fitting. I tend to not care if i do all \ first or full Xs it really depends on how I'm stitching. For the purposes of this challenge however, I had to take the way I usually begin stitching a stitch which is \ and flip it around to /. I really enjoyed this challenge! It reminded me of what a lot of yoga videos say about doing excersizes of the mind. Even though it took a little longer I can see myself doing this project again in the future just as a little excersize to keep my brain active as well as my hands. Pattern(modified)
    Stash SystemDiscovered organization inspiration:Door Hanging Storage System I found this on the DMC site itself and I kind of love it? I like how the pockets are clear and if i ever get a space of my own that i can justify a crafting room I would love to invest in something like this. Currently I have a folder, but it can get a bit messy at times
    Revisit a UFOSoftgothlove RevisitUFO.jpgI had a project I started on my twitch back in March that ended up getting put on the back burner as I completed other works. It was nice to finally get back to it and the person this pattern was based off of (my roommate who's this buff ex marine who came home one day with an axe asking if I was ready for the apocalypse since I was part of his crew) really liked how it came out :)
    Take InventoryTook inventory of their stash:Thread Stash Google Doc This was a bit harder after I got a lot of thread for my birthday last month, but I'm glad it's done! I've realized that I have many duplicates and still need several more threads for my stash. I organized these in order and listed any missing colors in red so if I go to the store I can quickly see what I still need
    Unconventional CanvasSoftgothlove UnconventionalCanvas.jpgWhen looking for something to stitch on I remember I had a ton of tulle leftover from making my fairy dress for Halloween :D I decided since it was so delicate to make a butterfly and threw in some pride colors because its June ^^ this was a bit tricky at first because there weren't any examples of tutorials. I found that you had to keep the direction of the diamond in mind for how the image was warped and even had to add a few extra stitches do to gaping in some areas when stitched. I'm really proud of this though and hope to do this again soon.
    Scissor SoireeSoftgothlove ScissorSoiree.jpgTheres at least 2 more scissors that I know of floating around in the black hole that is my home. I tend to use different scissors for things and at any one time either all of my scissors are available or every single pair has been sacrificed to the abyss
    Prepare to DyeSoftgothlove Prepare to Dye.jpgFor a tea that has a tendency to turn all of my cups purple and pink I was honestly expecting a bit more XD to be fair the soft rosey color isn't bad, but I may try to find a stronger dye the next time I do something like this :) it's a good lesson in seeing that something the natural dyes you try may not come out quite how you expect them to
    Artist Studies: Ink CirclesSoftgothlove Studies InkCircles.jpgInk Circles Freebies I chose one of the 2017 freebie patterns and am actually delighted. I had some friends help me choose these bright colors and it will actually soon be turned into a big of holding for my IRL d&d groups bard :) I have to say I really liked this pattern, it's something I may not have tried otherwise but now want to do more of. Ink circles has a way of using very geometric shapes and many of the freebies from the 2017 PDF gave me early 2000s Screensaver vibes in a good way. I look forward to trying more of their patterns :)
    Blackwork ResearchResearched Blackwork and discovered:Blackwork Ornament I found this image on pinterest that looks like it could be a fun simple blackwork piece to possibly use for an ornament later on :)
    Bewitching BlackworkSoftgothlove BewitchingBlackwork.jpgThis is my second attempt at blackwork and I used it as a chance to try and possibly use for Christmas gifts and im actually really happy with it! I want tk try more colors, but I really liked using white on the red fabric! 3 over 1, 14 ct aida
    Petite PatternsFound a small pattern to stitch:Looked for a 15 X15 pattern, found a Triforce that is slightly larger but I feel since it has only 2 colors it should be fine :) excited to see next months challenge
    Speedy StitchingSoftgothlove SpeedyStitching.jpgThis piece was 81 stitches and took me about 50 minutes giving me an average of 1.62 stitches per minute. I think I have days where I'm faster, but I was proud of the speed im gaining as I practice more. Triforce Pattern
    Specialty StudyFound a tutorial:DMC Stitch Guide I found that dmc has some good visual references for how to do some specialty stitches. I have yet to try 1/4 stitching due to my bad eyes, but I've been seeing many more patterns with 1/4 stitches that I'd like to try in the future!

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