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Specialty Study
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Due Date 2020/10/31
Experience 50


The Agility Festival has been a whirlwind of activity, yet every moment fun. You are proud of your guild mates and yourself with all that you have learned from the Agility Guild.

You wake up early one morning, excited to see what the day would bring. As you leave your room and cross the Guild hall, you notice something new pinned to the Guild’s message board. You drew nearer and recognize the bright red seal of Melee Guild across the top of the parchment. You step up beside a fellow guild mate and start to read:

‘Attention Guilds of Stitchwind! It is training season once more and we want to ensure that everyone is up for the challenge. No one can be certain of what you might face on an adventure or even in your stitching. It’s time to brush up on some specialty stitches to help you along the way. Make sure your Hardanger, lazy daisies, and rhodes stitches are all up to par. Along with any other specialty stitches you’ve heard about along the way.’

At the bottom of the page you spot the signatures of both the Melee Guild leaders.

‘What the heck is a hardanger stitch?’ You hear your guild mate mutter.

You offer them a shrug, glad that you’re not the only one unaware. You make a note of the stitches mentioned then head out for the day.

As with the Magic Festival before, you spot signs that the Agility Festival too is winding down. The agility courses have begun being disassembled, along with a number of other attractions. Bards still dot the streets, but not as many as the first week of festivities.

Here and there you spot bits of red, preparation for the Melee Festival no doubt on the horizon. You’re happy to see that the speed stitching area is still lively, as people continue to challenge themselves.

After a busy day, you retire to your guild’s library. You set to an evening of research, determined to find out more about these specialty stitches.

Your Quest

Your quest this time around is to find a Tutorial for a type of specialty stitch you haven't tried yet.

A lot of designers like to incorporate the occasional specialty stitch in with their cross stitch patterns to really elevate a design. And we want you to help demistify some of these techniques!

If you've been putting off trying french knots or quarter stitches, that may be a good place to start.

If you've been considering a Chaetlaine design or a Just Nan pattern, you might look into Eyelets, Lazy Daisies, rhodes stitch, or even Hardanger.

If you can't find a tutorial for a specific stitch, you could also just include a pattern or design you like that happens to incorporate specialty stitches, which you would want to stitch and comes with basic instructions for the stitches.

Again, side quests do NOT need to be stitched. Wait until next month.


We can't really give you a bunch of resources for this without just giving you a list of patterns to pick from. You're mainly going to be googling things or searching on social media. But to help, we've included a few examples of (free) patterns that incorporate specialty stitches:

Turn In

All done? Head over to the Discord and find the #quest-turn-in channel and make a single post with a link to your chosen tutorial. This should be directly to a blog or website, not a Pinterest link or an uploaded image.

You can 'react' to the other entries as a show of encouragement. Or complement and discuss the designs in the #quest-chat channel.


Here we have all the players who have completed this quest!

Player Pattern Link
RoguexStitchesPeacock and Fig - Hardanger stitch
DaeraiePeacock and Fig - Hardanger stitch pt 2
AuroraLeeLaura J Perin Designs - Roman Box Stitch Pattern
allie_oopParaffle Embroidery - Stem Stitch
ungoliaantMrsMilkybarKid - Rhodes Stitch
Spooky SqueeksNordic Needle - Italian cross stitch
TybieleeWee Little Stitches - Fear Not The French Knot
SerariaEvieStitch - Satin Stitch Pattern
Emma LouFabyReillyDesigns - Butterfly Sampler Pattern
AmethystSquidPeacock and Fig - Rhodes Heart
MistressMittensRand Duren - Flax Sampler Class
TreenPeacock and Fig - Colonial Knot
hostiloviThe Spruce Crafts - Bullion Rose
GothieDragonfly Pattern with Hardanger Stitches
CinderNeedlework Tips and Techniques - Rice Stitch
leilanyCutesy Crafts - Satin Stitch
SirithreWith Thy Needle & Thread - Algerian Eyelet Stitch
FluimucPeacock and Fig - Blackwork
AlannahPeacock and Fig - Squashed Stitches
ZindyKitty and Me Designs - Christmas Biscornu wt Fan Stitches
FroodMadeItLakeside Needlecraft - Specialty Stitches Sampler
TrixieFoxNordic Needle - Shell Stitch
AlannaWendi Gratz - Lazy Daisy
LilcatfairyNordic Needle - Beading
TiffanyFairytale Minis Pattern wt French Knots
SoftgothloveDMC - 1/4 stitch
hysraDragon in a Bottle Pattern wt French Knots
LukiraPeacock and Fig - French and Colonial Knots
enuiBook, 'How To Embroider' by Susie Johns
OliverSarah's Hand Embroidery Tutorials - Blanket Stitch
SheWhoRoarsSublime Stitching - Split Stitch
Nessie9412Herrschners - Specialty Stitches
AtarlaSew Guide - Double cross stitch