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Stash System
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Due Date 2020/04/30
Experience 50


In the time since you came to Stitchwind, your hoard of supplies has grown quickly. (Your fellow guild mates assure you that’s perfectly normal). You return to your room after a particularly good day of shopping and look around. All of your attention has been on your quests and projects that you’re only just now noticing the disarray your collection was in. Boxes of thread here, scraps of fabric there. Several works in progress dotted across the room. You set your new supplies down, filled with determination to remedy the situation and workout a better organization for your crafts. You turn and head to your Guild’s library, knowing there would be something there to help you.

Your Quest

Your side quest this month is to find a photo, blog, tutorial, product, or video showcasing how someone organizes their stash.

From how they bobbin their thread, to how they store their fabric. Whether it's just a decorative box you could imagine storing your WIPs in, or a fancy spreadsheet of how someone keeps track of their bead inventory.

It should be different from how you store things currently. We don't need to see YOUR stash right now. We want to see what *inspires* you. How you would want to reorganize if you had the time, money, and energy to do so.

Please make sure your link gives proper credit to whoever took the photo. It should be a direct link to someone's Instagram post, Blog / Article, YouTube video, etc. Or a store you can purchase the item if it's a product to help you organize.

It should NOT be the direct image itself, or a google images link. Remember your guild's principles. You should always credit other's work.

Turn In

All done? Head over to the Discord and find the #quest-turn-in channel and make a single post with a link to your inspiration, and why this method spoke to you.

Please don't chat or discuss the entries in this channel. We don't want anyone's work to get buried in chatter.

You can 'react' to the other photos as a show of encouragement. Or complement and discuss others' color palettes in the #quest-chat channel.


Here we have all the players who have completed this quest, and what they found!

Player Inspirational Link
TrixieFoxDIY Embroidery Floss Organizer using Clothespins
CharlieRetroHow to Store Fabric on a Shelf
Bettina LevyThread Colour Display
ungoliaantEmbroidery Floss Folder
WillowglimgalHow To Organize Embroidery Thread
sfriskHow to Orgaise Floss with Hanging System
EmmcyStoring Skiens in Draws
SoftgothloveDoor Hanging Storage System
AmethystSquidCraft Closet Makeover
FlowerFoxyHow to Store Fabric In File Cabinet
Sven2102Storing Yarn in Geometric Shelves
CrowbeakLlama Bobbins
YukinoEmbroidery Thread Storage and Organization
enuiChinese thread book
MorihaldaStitch bow inserts
Deadwool.CraftsWooden floss drawers
XSAFFIREX7 doable ways to organize your floss
Tybieleeand storing your embroidery floss
AzureKoiStitchbow System
Decadent CaketressFiling system for thread
DaeraieSkein drawers
RoguexStitchesWIP Crate
SirithreCartonnage storage box
ZindySlide carousel floss sorter
Gothie15 Creative craft room organization ideas
Arkanian17Bobbin Pegboard
Commoncandi1Clothespin floss organizer
Ness UndertaleComb Binding floss organization
MistressMittensHanging Skein Storage
SchurschCustom wooden storage
Vaultdweller_ToniBeehive Bobbins and storage tin
Nessie9412Floss Jars
ThrithVinyl Project Bag
Last-StitchFabric Organisation System
LilcatfairyNeedle Minder Organisation
Phoenix Indigo CupcakeFabric Storage
Fiamma29Project Organisation
AlannahHoop and Frame Storage
MadHatterFabric Storage
CinderEmbroidery To Go Bag
SiodhnaCraft Closet
Aivilo611Floss Draws
CamillaScarletCraft Storage Boxes
TegaEmbroidery Setup