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Stitch Spot
Stitch Spot.png
Due Date 2020/04/05
Experience 50


You hear someone call your name and jump, startled at the unexpected noise. Looking up from your work you see a friend waving their hand in front of you as if they had been struggling to get your attention. "You okay? You seem a million miles away."

"Sorry! I just got a little lost in this study project..." you reply, smiling sheepishly and getting back to your work, determined to at least finish this current thread.

It's only been a couple months, but you've settled in to your new life pretty well. It's hard to explain, but there's just such a warmth to this place that makes you feel truly safe and able to explore your creativity.

This particular spot had become your favorite, and you could often be found there working on your latest project. It was just so comfortable, and calming. You could focus on your stitching and the rest of the world would seemingly melt away and time simply passed differently while there.

Even as you though this, you found your mind beginning to wander again drawn back to your current project. Hesitantly, you set your work to the side and blink as if waking up from a dream before looking up at your friend. "What's up?"

Your Quest

Your side quest this month is to show us where you like to stitch. Most of us probably have several spots they end up stitching in, but which one is your favorite? Which gets you *in the zone*, bringing you both comfort and inspiration? What's the spot you feel most at home at and hours can pass without you realizing it?

It could be on the couch with a loved one. It could be a well stocked crafty desk. I could be your garden patio or in bed.

You don't have to convince someone to take a photo of you stitching there if you're not comfortable with that! No worries. Just a snap of that sacred spot and how you like things arranged for optimal crafting!

Turn In

All done? Head over to the Discord and find the #quest-turn-in channel and make a single post with your photo. Please don't chat or discuss the entries in this channel. We don't want anyone's photo to get buried in chatter.

You can 'react' to the other entries as a show of encouragement. Or complement and discuss the tutorials in the #quest-chat channel.


Here we have all the players who have completed this quest!

Player Stitch Spot
TrixieFoxTrixieFox StitchSpot.jpg
SoftgothloveSoftgothlove StitchSpot.jpg
Last-StitchLast-Stitch StitchSpot.jpg
SyzennaSyzenna StitchSpot.jpg
CosplayXStitchCosplayXStitch StitchSpot.jpg
UngoliaantUngoliaant StitchSpot.jpg
HevHev StitchSpot.jpg
CamillaScarletCamillaScarlet StitchSpot.jpg
AmethystSquidAmethystSquid StitchSpot.jpg
CrowbeakCrowbeak StitchSpot.jpg
EmmcyEmmcy StitchSpot.jpg
CuteteahoruCuteteahoru StitchSpot.jpg
Bettina LevyBettina Levy StitchSpot.jpg
Decadent CaketressDecadent Caketress StitchSpot.jpg
Sven2102Sven2102 StitchSpot.jpg
FlowerFoxyFlowerFoxy StitchSpot.jpg
PunnksPunnks StitchSpot.jpg
Day StitcherDay Stitcher StitchSpot.jpg
Nessie9412Nessie9412 StitchSpot.jpg
FlaminkuhFlaminkuh StitchSpot.jpg
LukiraLukira StitchSpot.jpg
DaeraieDaeraie StitchSpot.jpg
ImojiImoji StitchSpot.jpg
CraftingGeekCraftingGeek StitchSpot.jpg
SheWhoRoarsSheWhoRoars StitchSpot.jpg
Deadwool.CraftsDeadwool.Crafts StitchSpot.jpg
Arkanian17Arkanian17 StitchSpot.jpg
MistressMittensMistressMittens StitchSpot.jpg
AceTrainerHeatherAceTrainerHeather StitchSpot.jpg
GothieGothie StitchSpot.jpg
hostiloviHostilovi StitchSpot.jpg
SchurschSchursch StitchSpot.jpg
SiodhnaSiodhna StitchSpot.jpg
MadHatterMadHatter StitchSpot.jpg
KitannKitann StitchSpot.jpg
TybieleeTybielee StitchSpot.jpg
Commoncandi1Commoncandi1 StitchSpot.jpg
Phoenix_Indigo_CupcakePhoenix Indigo Cupcake StitchSpot.jpg
LaylaLayla StitchSpot.jpg
SirithreSirithre StitchSpot.jpg
AlannahAlannah StitchSpot.jpg
TegaTega StitchSpot.jpg
ZindyZindy StitchSpot.jpg
CharlieRetroCharlieRetro StitchSpot.jpg
SunsetNateSunsetNate StitchSpot.jpg
Fiamma29Fiamma29 StitchSpot.jpg
LilcatfairyLilcatfairy StitchSpot.jpg
AzureKoiAzureKoi StitchSpot.jpg
enuiEnui StitchSpot.jpg
RoguexStitchesRoguexStitches StitchSpot.jpg
Gnomish-òwòGnomish-òwò StitchSpot.jpg
MorihaldaMorihalda StitchSpot.jpg
AenyxAenyx StitchSpot.jpg
RobinhoodRobinhood StitchSpot.jpg
PicoTalaPicoTala StitchSpot.jpg
CinderCinder StitchSpot.jpg