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Guild Magic
Class Sorcerer
AlignmentTrue Neutral
Exp 850
  • Founding Member
  • Skills
    Stitch Speed+1
    Pattern Design+2


    Completed Quests

    Quest Turn-in Details
    Color SwapSven2102 ColorSwap.jpgWhite Aida 18ct over 2 over 1"
    Color TheorySven2102 ColorTheory.jpgOff brand thread from Aliexpress. DMC numbers 3844, 799, 340, 3340, 3854
    Design: Inspired by ColorSven2102 Design InspiredByColor.jpgFurby inspired by Phoenix_Indigo_Cupcake's palette
    Unique TechniquesDiscovered a Tutorial for:How to Make Needlepoint Box
    Stitch SpotSven2102 StitchSpot.jpgI always have that bag there because the dogs like getting very close (and i don’t)

    I also stitch in the room i rent but i’m not there currently so can’t really take a picture.

    It’s nice because it’s comfy and in evenings my mom and stepdad watch tv so yeah
    Topsy TurvySven2102 TopsyTurvy.jpgI usually do the \ first and / second, so this time i did the opposite.

    The pattern is from “Jeanette Crews Designs, Inc.”, from the series “One Nighters” and the actual pattern has 69 tropical fish (it’s also called “69 Tropical Fish", if anyone is curious which fishy this is: it’s number 12, but some colors are different because i didn’t have most the colors the pattern wanted, so i just used similar colors)

    It took a bit of thinking at times, and the butt of it is very messy, but it was fun.
    Stash SystemDiscovered organization inspiration:Storing Yarn in Geometric Shelves I like how it’s not just cubes and how it fits together
    Unconventional CanvasSven2102 UnconventionalCanvas.jpgThe first one is a pattern from the colorful critters sal (and it’s on that mesh you put in front of windows to keep critters out) The second one is a fish from the “One Nighters” 69 tropical fish thingy from “Jeanette Crews Design, Inc”
    Blackwork ResearchResearched Blackwork and discovered:Koi Fish Blackwork i like the way it looks, i searched through etsy for a while, and i liked this one the most
    Something SpecialSven2102SomethingSpecial.pngIt isn’t fully finished because school is a lot. It’s one of my generated patterns and i used some actual dmc thread (E990 and E980) i think it doesn’t look very good, maybe it has a radioactive moss or radioactive mulch vibe, idk, but i do like the colors

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