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Take Inventory
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Due Date 2020/05/31
Experience 50


Late one night, you have settled into your Guild’s library, working on your stitching studies. You stretch and smile, happy with the work that you had managed to get done. Realizing how late it has gotten, you start to pack away your things to retire for the evening. ‘Hey,’ you hear someone call from across the library. You look over and find one of your fellow guild mates smiling at you. ‘Do you happen to have some 550?’ they ask, holding up an empty bobbin. ‘I just ran out and I’m just about done with this piece.’ ‘Of course,’ you say, always willing to help a friend. ‘I’ll be right back.’ With your things, you return to your room. You set aside your things before starting through your stash to find the thread. You are surprised to find three bobbins full of 550. You wonder how you ended up with so many before shrugging it off and bringing the thread to your thankful Guild mate. A few days pass and you return to your stitching space with some beads that’ll add the most perfect finishing touch to the project you have been working on. You gather together your things to start beading...and find the exact same beads already in your collection. You sigh in frustration. Setting aside your project, you start going through your stash. Two bobbins of 996 and two extra skeins. No bobbins for your 3847, but three skeins found tucked away. And how in the world did you end up with so much 606?? ‘I guess it’s really time to take inventory of everything,’ you say to yourself, then set to work.

Your Quest

Your side quest this month is a little more work than usual. But you'll get through it! Most people don't like taking inventory. We understand.

But it DOES help avoid buying duplicates or extra fabric. It can also give you an idea of what projects you have in progress, what you have queued up to start next, and so forth.

In the next two weeks, find some free time to inventory part of your stash.

You have plenty of options. Already have a thread inventory? Don't have time for that right now? Tackle one of the other stash sections!

Options: - Go through and make a list of all the thread you have. - Take photos and note colors/brand/sizes of all your fabric. - Make a list of your WIPs/UFOs! If you haven't started the main quest this month, this may help you decide what to work on. - Make a list of patterns you have purchased (or got for free) that you eventually want to stitch.(Maybe don’t look at your wishlist though, that’s a deep dark rabbit hole.) - Inventory your bead collection. - Whatever else you feel you need a list of.

Chosen your category? Great! Now choose how you'd like to keep track. Your inventory could take many forms: - Use a google spreadsheet. - Download an app like StashCache. - Make a trello board. - Use a website like Stitchingly. - An actual, physical, notebook! - Anything else, really. Share your organization ideas in #quest-chat!

This is NOT about whose stash is bigger or smaller. Try not to compare your stash to others! This is more about learning new ways to keep *track* of your stash and getting inspired by others' methods!


Turn In

All done? Head over to the Discord and find the #quest-turn-in channel and make a single post with a trello/spreadsheet link or a photo of your notebook, or however you tracked your inventory.

Please don't chat or discuss the entries in this channel. We don't want anyone's work to get buried in chatter.

You can 'react' to the other photos as a show of encouragement. Or complement and discuss others' inventory methods in the #quest-chat channel.


Here we have all the players who have completed this quest, and their intentory!

Player Inventory Link
Vaultdweller_ToniDMC Thread Inventory
TrixieFoxWhiteboard of WIPs
UngoliaantStash Airtable
AmethystSquidThread Spreadsheet
MorihaldaSwatch Spreadsheet
SirithrePattern Airtable
KitannStash Airtable
FlowerFoxyBead spreadsheet
Bettina LevyStash Airtable
LeilanyThread Spreadsheet
HostiloviThread Spreadsheet
YodelThread Spreadsheet
RahfanaPattern Binder
Deadwool.CraftsFabric Trello
SchurschProject Airtable
GothieProject Trello
RoguexStitchesPattern Trello
Ness UndertaleProject Trello
SiodhnaWIP Trello
NuubisProject Trello
Allie oopProject Trello
SheWhoRoarsCustom Thread Inventory Program
izynationTT117 App