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This is the template for quest infoboxes. It includes pictures, and reward information for the quests we will be issuing


Place at the top of quest pages, it will automatically align right. Any skill rewards not specified will default to 0; so only reference the stats being affected. More fields will be added as quests are released. Check back on this page if you're not sure how to add the new content.


|name = quest name (defaults to PAGENAME)
|image = [[Artist Studies- Ink Circles.png|200px]] (defaults to PAGENAME.png)
|date = Due date for the quest. Use YYYY/MM/DD. (Defaults to Anytime -- for those that don't expire)
|exp = Experience points earned for completing the task (Defaults to 0)
|speed = Seed modifier earned; example *+1
|design = Design modifier earned
|org = Organization modifier earned
|resource = Resourcefulness modifier earned
|studious = Studious modifier earned
|renown = Renown modifier earned
|stubborn = Stubbornness modifier earned
|creative = Creativity modifier earned


Sample 1

Color Swap
Color Swap.png
Due Date Anytime
Experience 0

By only entering partial information, the data entered appears in the box and the rest of the lines should not be displayed

|name = Color Swap


Sample 2

Taking Inventory
File:Taking Inventory.png
Due Date 2019/10/02
Experience 15

|name  = Taking Inventory
|date = 2019/10/02
|exp   = 15
|org = '''+1''