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Guild Magic
Class Wizard
Exp 350


Thrith is a goblin with a passion for hoarding an absurd amount of floss but has an even bigger heart for the arcane arts. Her thread obsession started when she was a lass; someone had gifted her a bundle of craft threads. While she had no immediate use for them, she loved the beautiful colors and kept them. As her collection grew, she thought of ways to put her collection and arcane talents to good use. She taught herself to stitch around the time she entered her final years of Wizard College. While naturally gifted in the arcane arts, she found stitching gave her some time to meditate. She was scolded by her professors and peers for using… unconventional methods in her stitching (playing one too many games of thread chicken, sewing cloths of different stitch count together to finish a piece, substituting threads in the middle of a piece, just to name a few). It reminded them she was goblin in nature, but they cannot deny how her powers grew while she stitched. Thrith now spends her days studying the link between stitching and the arcane, wondering if there’s any possibility the relationship can lead to new spells.

Completed Quests

Quest Turn-in Details
Artist Studies: Durene JonesThrith Studies DureneJones.jpgI am truly chaotic and took a few creative liberties like using a softer red, some more vibrant yellows, using two (2) strands of thread on the back stitching instead of one. I thought this design was super cute and I just had to make it! I love how the back stitching not only makes the design "pop" more, but it also adds more abstract elements to the piece (the bits on the right could be frosting or fruit chunks). I loved this study and I had fun making this one color at a time, seeing the peace first take shape then adding depth with different techniques.
Topsy TurvyThrith TopsyTurvy.jpgI usually stitch / first and doing it the other way was weird and i dont like it! Pattern
Stash SystemDiscovered organization inspiration:Vinyl Project Bag Before the pandemic, i would take my cross stitch projects with me and just do them in class. It was a nice way to keep my hands occupied while focusing on lectures. I love these WIP bag ideas! It makes cross stitching so portable and organized compared to, you know, shoving it all in my backpack and hoping for the best.

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