Unconventional Canvas

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Unconventional Canvas
Unconventional Canvas.png
Due Date 2020/06/30
Experience 100


You awake one morning, hearing commotion outside your room. You stretch and get up, wanting to know what all the fuss was about.

‘Yours too?’ you hear as you open your door.

‘All of it!’ says one of your guild mates. ‘Not a single piece left.’

‘What’s going on?’ you ask, seeing that most of your guild was gathered in the common area.

‘Everyone’s cloth, it’s all gone,’ explains one of them. ‘There’s not a piece of aida, evenweave, or linen left. It all just...vanished in the middle of the night.’

Without another word, you rush back to your room. To your horror, your precious stash of stitching cloth is entirely missing. You return to the others, confirming that your stash too had been taken.

It doesn’t take long until the entire guild is awake and concerned for the missing hoard of fabric. You begin to hear rumors that the other two guilds had been hit as well.

It also doesn’t take long until your Guild Leaders are standing before everyone.

‘It has come to our attention about everyone’s missing stashes,’ says one of the Leaders. ‘We have looked into it and we have con-’

‘Decided that it is simply another challenge for you all,’ says the second Leader before the first could continue. ‘You’re all crafty people, now is the time to test just how crafty you all are. There are plenty of...unconventional things out there that you could stitch on. It’s time to improvise.’

You see the two exchange a brief, yet tense, glance to each other.

The rest of the Guild seems to accept their explanation.

‘Get to it,’ says the second Guild Leader. ‘For now, the High Council will be meeting. We’ll return soon.’

With that, the Leaders leave.

You and the guild mate beside you watch as the two Leaders leave.

‘The High Council is meeting on the same day this all happens?’ she says, shaking her head. ‘Something has happened…’

You can’t help but agree.

Your Quest

We're sure by now you're either running low on aida or are waiting on your latest order to get through the mail. Well that's okay, because for this quest you won't need any! No evenweave. No linen.

It's time for you to improvise! You can stitch on basically anything if you put your mind to it... And are willing to poke holes into it. So now's your chance. Get creative! Whatever you have on hand. The crazier the better.

You could use an old sieve or colander. Maybe you have a pegboard to spruce up with some thread. Perhaps you'll drill some holes into a wooden crate. Or poke holes into some cardboard. Pretty much anything is fair game! You can use yarn if you need thicker thread.

Need more ideas? Check the Quest listing on the website. I've linked a few examples of unconventional canvases for you! Feel free to discuss in #quest-chat and help each other figure out how to implement your ideas.


Here's some tutorials and examples to get you brainstorming what you're going to stitch on.

Turn In

All done? Head over to the Discord and find the #quest-turn-in channel and make a single post with a photo of your finished project. Let us know what you ended up stitching on, and don't forget to link your pattern source!

Please don't chat or discuss the entries in this channel. We don't want anyone's work to get buried in chatter.

You can 'react' to the other photos as a show of encouragement. Or complement and discuss others' inventory methods in the #quest-chat channel.


Here we have all the players who have completed this quest, and their intentory!

Player Unconventional Stitch
UngoliaantUngoliaant UnconventionalCanvas.jpg
Bettina_LevyBettina Levy UnconventionalCanvas.jpg
Day_StitcherDay Stitcher UnconventionalCanvas.jpg
CinderCinder UnconventionalCanvas.jpg
SoftgothloveSoftgothlove UnconventionalCanvas.jpg
Wolf PersonWolf Person UnconventionalCanvas.jpg
CamillaScarletCamillaScarlet UnconventionalCanvas.jpg
GothieGothie UnconventialCanvas.jpg
TrixieFoxTrixieFox UnconventionalCanvas.jpg
MorihaldaMorihalda UnconventionalCanvas.jpg
LeilanyLeilany UnconventionalCanvas.jpg
AmethystSquidAmethystSquid UnconventionalCanvas.jpg
FlowerFoxyFlowerFoxy UnconventionalCanvas.jpg
TegaTega UnconventionalCanvas.jpg
DaeraieDaeraie UnconventionalCanvas.jpg
YonnavYonnav UnconventionalCanvas.jpg
SirithreSirithre UnconventionalCanvas.jpg
Nessie9412Nessie9412 UnconventionalCanvas.jpg
LukiraLukira UnconventionalCanvas.jpg
Decadent CaketressDecadent Caketress UnconventionalCanvas.jpg
ZindyZindy UnconventionalCanvas.jpg
CharlieRetroCharlieRetro UnconventionalCanvas.jpg
Sven2102Sven2102 UnconventionalCanvas.jpg
LilcatfairyLilcatfairy UnconventionalCanvas.jpg
AlannahAlannah UnconventionalCanvas.jpg
XSAFFIREXXSAFFIREX UnconventionalCanvas.jpg
Ness UndertaleNess Undertale UnconventionalCanvas.jpg
RoguexStitchesRoguexStitches UnconventionalCanvas.jpg
AceTrainerHeatherAceTrainerHeather UnconventionalCanvas.jpg
Fiamma29Fiamma29 UnconventionalCanvas.jpg