Unique Techniques

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Unique Techniques
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Due Date 2020/02/29
Experience 50


You've been working on this pattern for several days now. It's not quite perfect yet, but you're definitely making progress. Obsessing over it won't help, though so you've stepped away determined to come back to it with a clear mind.

In the meantime you've been making some new friends within the guild, and they've resolved to drag you out to explore the town. You suppose it couldn't hurt to get a bit of fresh air, after all.

The group didn't really have a destination in mind. Just kind of exploring the artisan districts to get a feel for all the different styles and techniques in the area.

Eventually one of you notices a crowd gathering around something and decide to approach and find out what the commotion is about.

Nudging your way through the crowd you find a wall of notes and illustrations. Upon taking a closer look you realize they're all instructional in nature. Either describing a new way discovered to dye fabrics, or how to assemble a small trinket. Some are decorated in intricate embroideries, others are fairly plain.

Each of these instructions seem to be written differently. Different handwriting and writing styles. Some with detailed illustrations, others only vaguely describing their technique.

Asking someone nearby you learn that it's a tradition in town for travelers and locals alike to leave some of their crafting knowledge here to share with the masses. It's thought to bring them good luck or good fortune by contributing to this wall of inspiration.

This is exactly what you needed to finish your design. A purpose. You scan the wall, resolving to one day contribute a discovery of your own. Eventually you come across a small tutorial suitable for your pattern. Your design may need a few tweaks to fit the shape described, but now that you know what you're aiming for it won't take long to finally finish your draft.

Your Quest

Your side quest this month is to find a tutorial online for a cross stitch finishing technique.

  • The finishing technique should be new. TO YOU. Others will be posting tutorials as well, so there's bound to be some overlap, but try to find a unique tutorial. Even if it's just a different tutorial for the same type of finish someone else posted. There's more than enough for all 80+ of you to post something different. Trust us, we've looked.
  • It should be a *tutorial* aka, more or less walking you through how to do something, suggesting materials, etc. Not just a photo of a cool finish.
  • It could be a video tutorial, a blog post somewhere, or even a paid pattern. But you must link *directly* to the tutorial post. Not pinterest or google search or the home page of their blog.
  • It does NOT have to be a cross stitch specific tutorial! However, it should be something that you could turn one of your cross stitches into. If you're stuck, try looking at sewing patterns. Or embroidery / needlepoint finishing tutorials.
  • It does not have to be in ENGLISH! As long as there are clear step by step photos, we can always run it through google translate and try our best. ;)

We're hoping this not only inspires you to try some new and fun finishes, but it may also help you with your pattern design quest as well! Sometimes envisioning how you want to finish a design will give you a general size and shape to aim for, and will get your creativity flowing.

Alternatively, if you've already made a pattern you could try to find a finishing technique that would fit your design!


We can't really give you a bunch of resources for this without just giving you a list of tutorials to pick from. You're mainly going to be googling things or searching on YouTube and we don't want to use up all the 'good ones' by giving a bunch of examples either. But here's a few as examples of different types of tutorials you might find:

Turn In

All done? Head over to the Discord and find the #quest-turn-in channel and make a single post with your tutorial link. Please don't chat or discuss the entries in this channel. We don't want anyone's findings to get buried in chatter.

You can 'react' to the other entries as a show of encouragement. Or complement and discuss the tutorials in the #quest-chat channel.


Here we have all the players who have completed this quest!

Player Tutorial Link
SiodhnaHow to Stitch on a Notebook
CeedtroidHow to Make Embroidered Eggs
UngoliaantHow to Make a Box out of Hoops
CharlieRetroHow to Make Round Ornaments
SyzennaHow to Make a Tart Pan Finish
DaeraieHow to Make a No Sew Cube
SoftgothloveHow to Frame Properly
AenyxHow to Make a 15-sided Biscornu
CinderHow to Make a Cross Stitch Lampshade
Deadwool.CraftsHow to Finish Embroidery With a Self-Fringing Edge
TybieleeHow to Make a Cross Stitch Needle Case
Keth119How to Cross Stitch with Waste Canvas
MadHatterHow to Sew a Dice Bag
FlowerFoxyHow to Make a Snow Globe Ornament
ZindyHow to Make a Cross Stitch Coin Keeper
EnuiHow to Make a Cube 'Toiletry' Bag
SirithreHow to Make a Cross Stitch Pocket Mirror
MistressMittensHow to Make a Cube Finishing
TrixieFoxHow to Stitch on a Splatter Shield
LaylaHow to Make a Pincushion
CleverTwoHow to Make a Cross Stitch Necklace
Decadent CaketressHow to Make a Needleroll
GothieHow to Make a Cross Stitch Quilt Block
XSAFFIREXHow to Hand Embroider Shoes
AmethystSquidHow to Make a Cross Stitch Paperclip Bookmark
AzureKoiHow to Embroider Clay Rings
EmmcyHow to Make a Small Bag
Nessie9412How to Make a Bookmark
LukiraHow to Frame Cross Stitch in a Hoop
Sven2102How to Make Needlepoint Box
Commoncandi1How to Make a Cross Stitch Banner
RobinhoodHow to Make a Cross Stitch Notebook Cover
CraftingGeekHow to Make a Altoids Tin
AlannahHow to Make a Ship in a Bottle
RoguexStitchesHow to Make a 3D Fox
Arkanian17How to Make a Cube Ornament
RahfanaHow to Make a Dice Bag
Aivilo611How to Make a Flat Ornament
CamillaScarletHow to Make Tassels
Parma MuinaHow to Make a Polaroid Magnet Frame
PeaceboneHow to Make Cross Stitch Patches
CuteteahoruHow to Make a Haunted House
Fiamma29How to Make a Coaster
SheikHow to Make a Trinket Box
SchurschHow to Make a Humbug
TegaHow to Make a Patch
LilcatfairyHow to Make a Chinese Lantern
CosplayXStitchHow to Make a Scissor Fob
SkyeFireHow to Add Beading