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    Color SwapXSAFFIREX ColorSwap.jpg14 ct aida. Pattern: "Space Invaders" Crossstitcher Magazine Sept 2011
    Color TheoryXSAFFIREX ColorTheory.jpgSpring inspired palette. Silks4U: PR160. DMC: 3764, 743, 3819, 827, 3782, 603, 971
    Design: Inspired by ColorXSAFFIREX Design InspiredByColor.jpgInspired by her own color palette
    Unique TechniquesDiscovered a Tutorial for:How to Hand Embroider Shoes
    Artist Studies: Durene JonesXSAFFIREX Studies DureneJones.jpgWe can do it! Designed as a free pattern for International Woman's Day I liked imagining all the strong females out there who put on many coats to provide for their families and country every day. The strength from within and coming together. I think Durene Jones was putting this forward through her pattern. Durene Jones is an amazing designer. Her work is diverse, yet simple. I love her use of back stitching to bring out details.
    Stitch SpotXSAFFIREX StitchSpot.jpgI stitch everywhere, but one of my favorite spots is snuggled up on the couch with my dog Chester! I'm such a cozy cat at heart
    Topsy TurvyXSAFFIREX TopsyTurvy.jpgSpring Magical Mystery 2020 SAL. By Magical Quilts. Used \ vs / in stitches. Also completed color by color vs section by section. Lost my place a couple times. Learned that I add a little twist sometimes that cause my thread to tangle every so often. Letting my floss 'dangle' and de twist solved it!
    Stash SystemDiscovered organization inspiration:7 doable ways to organize your floss Ideas From: Stitch People. I love both file cabinet ideas. The jars are adorable, but not practical for me. I may use a filing system in the near future.
    Revisit a UFOXSAFFIREX RevisitUFO.jpgEchoing Evergreens by Tempting Tangles started about a year ago. Put it in the drawer where it sat til now. (Additional UFO finishes, Unicorn Donut & Eeveelutions by 8bitstitching, and Toxic Love by Lumiselene)
    Take InventoryTook inventory of their stash:I'm still organizing both my fabric and floss. Went from lazy bags to art containers labeled by number and brand. Now I'm entering everything in Stitchingly. A task I've been putting off til this challenge. Some of the many art boxes.
    Unconventional CanvasXSAFFIREX UnconventionalCanvas.jpgRevisiting a trend that went crazy last year I present the Target Bag Stitch. Purchasing a premade set of bags that lent easily to crossstitch. I used left over yarn from last year's Pride month and stitched up a heart on this make up bag. I'll be embellishing it farther and using it as a notions bag. I have two totes waiting to make a couple fun project bags.
    Scissor SoireeXSAFFIREX ScissorSoiree.jpgI have a gazillion scissors floating around my world. Here is a taste of some found in this room only. One can never have too many scissors.
    Prepare to DyeXSAFFIREX Prepare to Dye.jpgTriple dyed Halloween inspired. Got the blacks, purples and deep greens in. Top photo shows the projects it will be in. Bottom show two different light effects. Was a fun experiment
    International StyleTraveled the world and discovered:Designer: Makoto Oozu From: Japan I love his easy to learn simple designs. He has influenced the world by encouraging all to create using uncomplicated and fun images. Here are some articles and links to his work. Website, FB, Twitter, Interviews 1, 2.
    Artist Studies: Ink CirclesXSAFFIREX Studies InkCircles.jpgI chose Reflections of Canada. I didnt complete it yet, but will here soon. I love Ink Circles' pentagon patterns. Its so satisfying to see the figures appear and the balance makes my soul happy. The open choice of color allows you to play with floss! I did a slightly variegated red silk by Silks4U.
    Blackwork ResearchResearched Blackwork and discovered:I loved learning the origins of certain styles. It spurred an ongoing learning process. I'm using Peppermint Purple's year long free SAL for play with designs. My chosen pattern for this is Kissing Fish. It was a free pattern featured last year on Lakesideneedlecraft Facebook. It was designed by Peppermint Purple as a blackwork study. I already started stitching it here

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