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Guild Magic
Class Cleric
AlignmentTrue Neutral
Exp 2600
  • Founding Member
  • Skills
    Stitch Speed+1
    Pattern Design+2


    Character sheet mirabelle.png

    This is Mirabelle, and she is small. How small? Friends, she tops out at about four inches. Why is she small? Oh my god becky, you can't just ask someone why they're small.

    Her parents are both normal-sized tieflings, and it is unclear exactly how Mirabelle came to be. When she asks, her parents typically give a different answer every time, from finding her under a cabbage leaf to her personal favourite which was that she was gotten from the pit of a peach. Whatever the case, it's unlikely that the birth caused anyone much distress, so that's nice.

    In any case, though she is proportionally tiny, her spells seem to be regular people sized, so she gets on alright. After the childhood challenges of making friends, learning about the world and trying not to fall down the plughole at bath time, she grew into a pretty capable young woman, all told.

    Following Our Lady of the Blind Needle, she believes in serendipity and kindness, and letting fate guide you. Her weapon is a holy khakkhara two-handed mace. Or, you know, a needle and thimble, but it does the job. Her hair ribbon doubles as a blindfold which she uses for ceremonial and casting purposes.

    With her parents' blessing and her best friend (a regular-sized raven named Marcus) at her side she has set off for Stitchwind on a quest to discover the mythical pattern to the Runes of Bigness, which she intends to stitch onto a robe and try out being the same size as everyone else for a bit. In the meantime, her mission is sprinkling happiness and good fortune around everyone she meets, so she can often be found mending the socks of harvest mice or getting the seam ripper that rolled under the fridge.

    Completed Quests

    Quest Turn-in Details
    Color SwapZindy ColorSwap.jpg18 ct aida. Pattern
    Color TheoryZindy ColorTheory.jpgDMC: 742, B5200, 959; 335, 907, 741
    Design: Inspired by ColorZindy Design InspiredByColor.jpgInspiration palettes 1 2 3 4 5 6 7. Patterns available for pay what you want here
    Unique TechniquesDiscovered a Tutorial for:How to make a Cross Stitch Coin Keeper (or rather she *made* a tutorial!)
    Artist Studies: Durene JonesZindy Studies DureneJones.jpgPattern I'd never done sketchy backstitch before, so this was as good a time as any. I eyeballed... almost all the colours, for this one. I was worried that the backstitch would have me tracking threads across vast expanses, which I heartily dislike because they feel loose on the aida, but I was pleasantly surprised that none of the lines went over more than three squares horizontally or vertically, which means that the lines have stayed pretty well nailed down. Zin approves. Also it took until the second last knot to remember the hand gesture that makes them easy and failproof. Also at the last minute I decided he needed brows, so there's my Team Wis spell for the piece.
    Stitch SpotZindy StitchSpot.jpgSo... i was thinking about my stitch spot. I have a lovely seat on the couch that gets afternoon sun and it's very comfy, but actually i think my absolute favourite is... in the lobby at work. It's a bit of a treat, especially with an iced chai and my headphones in.
    Topsy TurvyZindy TopsyTurvy.jpg1: I do all my stitches / first.
    2: It sure is muscle memory, I had to concentrate to reverse it and the moment I let my attention wander I was back to my old style.
    3: I was able to make new muscle memory by stitching normally going left to right and backward going right to left (I do these patterns one row at a time because I'm a nerd and I imagine I'm a dot matrix printer).
    4: To all of you who don't stitch consistently one way; oh my stars how do you unpick trying to do this when I don't know what part of the stitch is on top is heinous if I ever have to do this again I might die.
    5: Yes it scans, also it swears. I'll make the pattern available if people want it. Bonus gif.
    Stash SystemDiscovered organization inspiration:Slide carousel floss sorter Ok, so this idea comes from Subversive Stitch, they were selling them for a while but like a fool I didn't indulge and get one.
    Revisit a UFOZindy RevisitUFO.jpgAight, so here's my UFO turnin, a thing which had been sitting in my folder for over a year Pattern
    Take InventoryTook inventory of their stash:Pattern Design Catalogue For the getting-organised quest, I finally catalogued all my own patterns- published, pwyw, freebie, and yet-to-be-released. Used trello, because I realised I could actually store the working documents in the cards, not just images!
    Unconventional CanvasZindy UnconventionalCanvas.jpgYeah, I did that thing. I started another different thing, but this one's done and funny, so there we go. To note: carefully pre-punch the holes, they are not all needle ready when you pull the chip from the packet.
    Scissor SoireeZindy ScissorSoiree.jpgI don't have a problem, you have a problem. I extended the criteria to "things that cut" for the giggles, hence the box cutters and things. Though the multitools have actual scissors too. Also the presence of "Good Scissors" (they cut only cloth) implies the rest are the Evil Scissors and I like that.
    Prepare to DyeZindy Prepare to Dye.jpgMine's entirely uninteresting; I'd never dyed anything before, and I've been wanting brown aida for a coffee design, and do you think you can buy it anywhere? It's weird, but no. Anyway, Rit dye to the rescue. Interestingly, the darkest one is a fresh packet of cheap aida, and the light ones are two rando scraps that I have no idea what they were. Same bath, odd they are so different! Also the hoop has an older attempt which I did using only an ungodly amount of espresso.
    International StyleTraveled the world and discovered:I went looking in the Japanese hashtag and expected to see a tonne of pop culture, but what I actually saw was a lot of very big ('ambitious HAED' style) projects. I sort of feel like unless you're looking for something specific, this grand age of information means you can find people doing all kinds of cross stitch anywhere. And that reminded me, one of the most fun meme-and-games stitchers I follow, OverTri is actually Russian and is not doing the virtuoso colour mixing and stuff, so there you go.
    Artist Studies: Ink CirclesZindy Studies InkCircles.jpgPatternMan I just love symmetrical designs, they're so soothing, just the right balance of mindless and needing to pay attention. And once I've done a quarter of it I can do away with the paper pattern. Original freebie read "2018" but I am not about that dating life.
    Blackwork ResearchResearched Blackwork and discovered:I already knew about it, so there wasn't really any research that I felt I needed to do- but I have pinterested a bunch of things because I do like blackwork fills. I also really enjoy the way you can do shading with the density of blackwork!
    Bewitching BlackworkZindy BewitchingBlackwork.jpgI made this one myself because I wanted something fast and also with a fun gradient, so here it is. if you'd like the pattern, I've popped it up on Ko-fi. This took me the day at work but if you were mainlining it I bet you could put it down in an hour or two.
    Petite PatternsFound a small pattern to stitch:Petite patterns! You guys know me, small pattern you say, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. So here's a baaaaby dragon doot doot doot doot! And yeah I did take him for a test run.
    Speedy StitchingZindy SpeedyStitching.jpgFirst pattern from the Stardew Valley Cross Stitch Book, 162 stitches, 43:15 minutes for about 3.75 stitch per minute. Second Pattern is an old pixel art I made, 274 stitches, 1:25:52 for about 3.2s/m.
    Specialty StudyFound a tutorial:Christmas Biscornu pattern from Kitty and Me Designs I've done lot of embroidery, but not with cross stitch... think I'll try this one with fan stitches and such, see if I can break myself of not liking to trail long threads over the front.
    Specialty PracticeZindy SpecialtyPractice.jpgChristmas Biscornu with fan stitches
    Design: Seasons StitchingZindy Design Seasons Stitching.jpgHere's my offering for seasonal stitchery-- I was feeling the new-year-new-goals thing, so here's a wee daruma for you!
    Needle Minder ManiaZindy Needle Minder Mania.jpgBefore I forget, needleminders! This is, uh... m-most of them. I don't have a problem, you have a problem.
    Color KaleidoscopeZindy Color Kaleidoscope.jpgthis one's for the colours, challenged myself to swap over into monochrome Twitter Post
    Project ProjectionZindy Project Projection.jpgThere's not as many as i thought there would be, guess it's a function of only doing small ones.
    Artist Studies - Dragon DreamsZindy Dragon Dreams.jpgDid this lad from the freebies because tea, of course. Interesting how much backstitching is on this one, makes it rather graphic style? Looks alright though. Pattern Link Twitter Post Link
    Stitch Spot - Away From HomeZindyStitchSpot-AwayFromHome.jpgStitching AFK, I don't go many places but there was this time Link to discord video
    Class CrusadeZindyClass Crusade.jpgAyyy, late because my spine hates me, but here's my class crusade entry! I wasn't sure if those similar greys were going to work but i decided to put my trust in our lady of the Blind needle and go with it and it actually looks alright. Pattern Link
    KonMari ChallengeZindyKonMari Challenge.pngAnd for my konmari... i have this habit of always buying a hoop when i get threads for a new project. I'm gonna try and use these up by putting some of my finishes in them!
    Something SpecialZindySomethingSpecial.pngOk so SOMETHING SPECIAL time. This is the first bit of printed aida once ever had! Usually I'd hoard it but no, not this time! I used it straight away for once! Pattern is from the spruce craft co subscription box.
    Fabulous FabricZindyFabulousFabric.jpgWelp, I'm in hospital so this is all I've got, but a stash is a stash no matter how big or small. Also cross stitch subscription box saving my life over here, stash away from home! Bless cross stitch for being so portable.
    Friendly FrogZindyFriendly Frog.jpgQuest turn in, holy smokes, so early but here is le frogge! a kit that honestly I was never gonna get back to.

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