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Guild Agility
Class Rogue
AlignmentTrue Neutral
Exp 550
  • Agility Guild Leader
  • Skills
    Stitch Speed+1


    Name: Hosti

    Race: Half-Elf

    Class: Rogue

    Backstory: Raised on the shore of Frog Lake, Hosti learned how to stitch from their grandmother and it became a lifelong passion. Though they stopped stitching for a few years while they were busy adventuring and getting up to mischief, they now use it both as a form of artistic expression as well as a way to relieve stress! Hosti recently moved to Stitchwind in hopes of learning even more...

    Completed Quests

    Quest Turn-in Details
    Stitch SpotHostilovi StitchSpot.jpgI stitch most often at my desk!! It has the best light situation and I have a good chair for back support!
    Take InventoryTook inventory of their stash:Thread Spreadsheet I finally took the opportunity to inventory all my floss! I used a google spreadsheet (the one kindly linked in #stitch-stash) bc it's easily accessible for me pretty much everywhere! I never used to track anything, but now I think I will tackle my pattern inventory next!
    Artist Studies: Ink CirclesHostilovi Studies InkCircles.jpgInk Circles Freebies I did one of the freebie patterns and it was fun to see it all come together! I enjoyed stitching it a lot, and will definitely check out other patterns from the artist. I will note, I added an outline to the bee wings, just because of my unfortunate choice of fabric color and the wings weren’t showing up!
    Blackwork ResearchResearched Blackwork and discovered:Star Wars Blackwork Pattern I did some reading about the history of blackwork because I, admittedly, knew next to nothing about it. I was pleasantly surprised in my etsy search to find tons of more modern blackwork patterns that fit my style a bit better than more 'traditional' patterns! I could totally see myself starting - and completing lol - this particular pattern c:
    Bewitching BlackworkHostilovi BewitchingBlackwork.jpgI like this pattern design, but I found the actual stitching of the blackwork to be pretty fiddly and tedious. I will, however, finish this pattern later on my own time!!
    Petite PatternsFound a small pattern to stitch:Coffee Minis. I had bought this a while back, and this quest is the perfect excuse to stitch these adorable coffee patterns by Ansitru! Excited to work on it.
    Specialty StudyFound a tutorial:I've always wanted to try Bullion Knots, but have been too intimidated to actually do it! But this is the year of Doing Things, so I'm looking forward to trying it out!
    Needle Minder ManiaHostilovi Needle Minder Mania.jpgI have a few more fruit themed ones, but seem to have misplaced them! How many is too many...asking for a friend...

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