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Guild Magic
Class Classless
AlignmentLawful Good
Exp 500


Completed Quests

Quest Turn-in Details
Revisit a UFOLeilany RevisitUFO.jpgI started this project in March and when I put it away while we were in the process of moving in April there wasn’t much done other than a few blocks of colors here and there. So happy with the progress I made this month. Pattern
Take InventoryTook inventory of their stash:Thread Spreadsheet
Unconventional CanvasLeilany UnconventionalCanvas.jpgWhen I saw this beautiful leaf print inside the shipping box for my Tarte order, I knew it would be perfect for this month’s quest. Some of the hole punching is a little wonky but I still love it
Scissor SoireeLeilany ScissorSoiree.jpgFrom the left: stitching scissors, crappy kitchen scissors (mostly used for opening packaging), nice kitchen scissors, bonsai/plant trimmers, and the scissors that live on my desk (mostly for cutting printed coupons)
Prepare to DyeLeilany Prepare to Dye.jpgI started with some white 14 count aida and some Tazo passion tea and ended with this pale shade of pink. It doesn’t show up well on camera but I’m satisfied with my first attempt at dyeing.

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