Spooky Squeeks

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Spooky Squeeks
Spooky squeeks.jpeg
Guild Melee
Class Fighter
AlignmentChaotic Neutral
Exp 1000
Stitch Speed+1


Completed Quests

Quest Turn-in Details
Prepare to DyeSpooky Squeeks Prepare to Dye.jpgLow immersion Rot lemon yellow followed by Fit navy. Yellow is much brighter in person, but refused to photograph well for me.
Artist Studies: Ink CirclesSpooky Squeeks Studies InkCircles.jpgTurning this in because I just don't think I'll get back to it anytime soon. It was one of the first freebies I saw and had bees (which always make me think of my grandpa). Unfortunately, the color palette is not really to my liking which makes it harder to finish.
Bewitching BlackworkSpooky Squeeks BewitchingBlackwork.jpgI did a free pattern from the Imaginesque blog. Left some out so it will fit in a hoop. Pic really doesn't do the fabric justice. It's more orangey in real life.
Petite PatternsFound a small pattern to stitch:I'm going to do this DNA pattern from Stitchonomy's Patreon member patterns.
Speedy StitchingSpooky Squeeks SpeedyStitching.jpgI did a DNA pattern from Stitchonomy. I wanted to know what my slow speed was, so picked one with a lot of color changes and turned on Netflix. It's 80 stitches and took me 75 min, so about a minute a stitch.
Specialty StudyFound a tutorial:I decided I want to try this Italian cross stitch since it makes both sides look the same.
Color KaleidoscopeSpooky Squeeks Color Kaleidoscope.jpgI'm not a big fan of bright colors, so I took a pattern from my two hour animal book and swapped out the greys for bright blues and used a brighter orange.
Project ProjectionSpooky Squeeks Project Projection.jpgI made roulette wheels of my active WIPs, patterns I'd like to start, and WIPs that have been in time out forever, but I think I'd still like to finish.
Class CrusadeSpooky SqueeksClass Crusade.jpgMy original idea wasn't going to happen in time, so I snagged the fighter symbol from Highland Murr Ready Plan Go.
Something SpecialSpooky SqueeksSomethingSpecial.pngI've been sitting on this fabric for nearly a year.
Fabulous FabricSpooky SqueeksFabulousFabric.jpgFabulous(ly hidden under the cat) fabric.

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