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   [twitch-player channel=”arkanian17″] Arkanian is a self-proclaimed knitter main, but also plays as cross-stitcher often.She’s prone to huge projects and is an all around welcoming stream to be in.


   [twitch-player channel=”charly”] Charly lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband and streams digital art and CrossStitching. She sometimes does mic-less streams in the evenings due to her husband streaming at the same time.


   [twitch-player channel=”fiamma29″] Fia is a 20-something year old gamer from Brisbane, Australia. She predominantly play WoW, but also love sPokemon and a bunch of random games and genres. She have a full time...


   [twitch-player channel=”fishead”] Fishead not only is a welcoming cross stitch stream, but also a super supportive member of Twitch Creative as a whole. She’s constantly pushing the community forward with her efforts on...


    [twitch-player channel=”jennuhxstitches”] Jennuh is an aspiring marathoner who loves cross stitching, knitting, video gaming, and reading in her free time. She’s been cross stitching on and off for about 5 years but...


    [twitch-player channel=”junie_von_esch”] Hey there all! I’m Junie from the von Esch family. I live within Chicagoland. Heads up I do tend to swear, talk about adult topics and game with those under...


    [twitch-player channel=”KayosGirl”] KayosGirl streams perlers/loom knitting/crossstitch and takes commissions.


    [twitch-player channel=”kwarning”] Kwarning streams Cross Stitch pattern designing as well as actual cross stitching, so this is a good stream to check out if you’re interested in learning how to make your own...


[twitch-player channel=”LavenderCourage”] Lav is from the UK and streams cross stitch as well as gaming. She has a very welcoming and inclusive community.


     [twitch-player channel=”motoruxin”] MotoRuxin streams her CrossStitch projects and then does giveaways on stream for the finished project! She makes a lot of gaming/nerd related projects.


   [twitch-player channel=”tashnarr”] Tashnarr is primarily a perler streamer that does gaming and cross stitch live as well. While she doesn’t stream cross stitch as often anymore, she’s always happy to have a chat...


   [twitch-player channel=”vicstory”] Vicstory, aka Freudian Stitch, has been a super supportive part of the cross stitch community on Twitch. She now streams as well, bringing you friendly chatter and insightful discussions. She designs...


   [twitch-player channel=”ThePeanutLady”] ThePeanutLady is a streamer from Portugal living in Korea and bringing you all sorts of streams from cross stitch to gaming. She’s very welcoming and engaging and is one of the...