About the Stitcher

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About the Stitcher
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Due Date Anytime
Experience 50


You have been around the guild for a little while. As you get to know your fellow guild members, you occasionally happen to hear a few bits and pieces about where your fellow guildmates have come from, or who taught them their techniques.

One day, in the midst of a crafting session with several guild members, someone turns to you and asks if you've seen the newest quest. As you shake your head, suddenly you feel a hand on your shoulder. Standing there, your guild leader offers a smile.

"We wanted to learn more about all of the new recruits. Where you're from, who taught you or where did you find your inspiration..." As they trail off, you see a sparkle of an idea in their mind.

"Ah, yes! As a guild, we should all have a stitch and share! I hope you all know whatever you find acceptable to disclose, is fine. Know that we are your team, and guild, and we won't force you into doing more. But know that we have your back.. Especially now, as the winds of change blow through."

...What did the Guild Leaders, the High Council know?

It seems like now, something was stirring.

About the Stitcher

It's time to flesh out your character a bit more!

Most of you have portraits by now, and we spent some time last month deciding what our goals should be as a group. But now the question is what drives *you* as a stitcher Or rather, what your character is like. Why they want to learn. How they got into it. What they hope to get out of it. Etc.

Maybe a bit of a backstory about how your burly orc barbarian was taught to cross stitch by his grandmother and uses it to ease his anxiety before battle. Perhaps a fantastical tale of how your warlock plans to create a horcrux of sorts by stitching their very soul into a design. Or how your druid plans to take their learnings back to their home town to pass down this craft for generations to come.

We're not asking for an essay here. Just a fun excercise in creativity. It can be as vague or detailed as you'd like. Feel free to make up things that affect the world too. Names of cities, mountain ranges, cultures etc. We're building this world together

Remember, character quests HAVE NO DUE DATE. So no need to rush this. Just something to keep in mind when inspiration strikes. ;)


Feel free to also discuss in your guild or in quest-chat if you want to be from the same area, have grown up with, or otherwise weave your backstory in with someone else's. ;) Or if you just want to brainstorm ideas!

Turn In

Now head over to #quest-turn-in and post your backstory! Your guild leaders will add it to your profile once they have some free time.


Flavor text written by the talented Decadent Caketress