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What is Pixel Stitch RPG?

This is an ongoing group of cross stitch related quests with a table top RPG theme.

At the beginning of each month we’ll release a quest that involves you stitching something. We know you’re all busy and not made of money, so these will typically be relatively small and not require you to buy new materials. It could be a freebie pattern from a designer we think you’ll love, or simply asking you to pick up a forgotten WIP for the month.

At the same time, we'll also release either a Player Quest or a Guild Quest to work on fleshing out the world in which we stitch in here. Whether it's adding some life to your character or describing how you imagine your Guild, we'll add to our lore and in-jokes slowly over time. Player Quests don't expire and can be worked on whenever inspiration strikes on. Guild Quests are worked on together with your Guild within Discord.

Halfway through the month we’ll release a second quest. This time, no stitching is involved. Perhaps we’ll send you on an online scavenger hunt. Maybe we’ll ask you reorganize your pattern stash or just take a photo of your collection. Both main quests ‘due’ at the end of the month and will be organized onto a gallery here on the crossstitch.live website (all credits given, of course).

None are required, and you can hop in at any time or only do the ones that inspire you. It’s all up to you!

But why is it an RPG?

While many of the prompts will simply be cross stitch related, we’ll occasionally throw in some D&D/tabletop fun. You don’t need any knowledge of D&D to participate, however!

Prompts might ask you about your character, or have you work with your guildmates to create something cool. You might occasionally need to roll some dice to find out what your quest even is!

Completing quests will earn you experience points and give you skill bonuses to your stitching, all to be proudly displayed on your own profile page to inspire others.

Where do I post my completed quest?

This campaign will be run on our Discord server, which will be divided up into Guilds, signified by roles and username colors. Each quest will give you instructions on how to turn it in, but generally this will go in the #Quest-Turn-In channel on the Discord. Completing quests will earn you experience points, and your achievements will be archived on your profile page here for future reference.

Join the Discord and look for the Pixel Stitch RPG category.

I have an idea for a quest!

That's great! Keep in mind though we've already brainstormed a good.... several years worth of quests. And are constantly adding to that list. Chances are whatever you're suggesting has A) Already been thought of, or B) We won't get to it for quite some time.

Please do not be offended if we do not use your idea right away, or don't credit you because we had already planned to do that.

Make sense? Still have an idea? Submit it here.

Who designed the RPG and Guild logos?

Siri commissioned the incredibly talented Zindy to make some logos for us. :)

Here's some places you can find her:

Twitter Instagram Gumroad Patreon And More!