Self Portrait

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Self Portrait
Self Portrait.png
Due Date Anytime
Experience 50


It's been a long trip from your home town and you're exhausted and filthy from the journey. As you push your way through the city asking for directions and taking in the sights, you catch a glimpse of your reflection in a mirror affixed to a market stall selling all sorts of hats, scarves, and accessories.

Realizing how... uhh... "well traveled" you look, you decide you should probably clean up a bit before presenting yourself to the Guild. You approach the stall planning to ask the way to the nearest public bath house, but the merchant manages to talk you into a new accessory while you're there. He assures you it's all the fashion right now and will help you fit in with the locals, before pointing the way to a proper bath.

You spend the day going from bath house, to barber, and eventually to a tailor, trying make yourself presentable enough to approach your new Guild. Regardless what happens next, you at least don't look like you've been sleeping on the ground for weeks any longer.

Self Portrait

It's time to decide what your character looks like!

It's all well and good if you just want to play as yourself. But part of the fun of D&D is getting to be someone else!

Now, there's a number of ways you can go about making yourself a profile photo.

  • You could draw one, if you're an artist.
  • You could commission someone, if you wanted to spend money on this for some reason.
  • Or you could simply use any number of online avatar generators.

One such generator we can recommend is Picrew, as most of their generators are tagged for Personal and Non-Commercial use! :)

There's TONS of different art styles to choose from, so do some exploring. Everything is in Japanese, but using google translate or simply clicking around a bit it's easy enough to figure out.


Here's some of our favorite picrew generators:

Turn In

Don't worry about character names or backstory or anything else just yet. That will all come in due time. :)

Now head over to #quest-turn-in and post your profile image! Your guild leaders will add it to your profile once they have some free time.